Man Wants Mustang – Turns Lamborghini Into One

lamborghini gallardo mustang Could this be the worst car faux pas of the decade? Well It brings tears to my eyes seeing this and has got to be the most absurd and in my opinion idiotic thing ever done to a Lamborghini. I don’t have anything to go off except the photos, and the fact the car was on display at SEMA in 2007. Basically they have taken a stock Lamborghini Gallardo and fabricated a Mustang around it. The result? A Mustang on the outside with Lamborghini power. Although it does break my heart to see a Lamborghini end up like this I would love to see peoples faces when that Lambo sound comes from the back of what appears to be a Mustang. I think the pictures speak for themselves. If any readers have more information about this car post a comment below. [gallery]]]>

10 thoughts on “Man Wants Mustang – Turns Lamborghini Into One

  1. You’re right-that’s the most ridiculous photo of a car I think I’ve ever seen. A Lambo into a Mustang? Who in their right mind would even think of that in the first place?!

  2. Cuold just have stuck in a lambo engine for the power but man thats different the back jusst quite not right ya know not the same taste

  3. Why the **** would you turn a lambo into a mustang…. you bought a lambo for how much but cant buy a mustang for fifty thousand????

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