RRS Now Offering Complete Custom RHD ‘Eleanor’?

I often check the RRS site for new products and modern innovations for the vintage Mustang and this week they’ve updated their site with a brand new package for those after a right hand drive (RHD) Mustang. Previously RRS has only offered things suck as suspension parts, brakes and modern upgrades to improve the handling of vintage cars but more recently they have begun selling complete cars or chassis such as the Dynacorn bodies and in fact are the Australian distributor for right hand drive Dynacorn shells, however the new package adds more to their simple chassis offerings by adding a full body kit that by the looks of the picture on their site can only be described as ‘Eleanor’ inspired

Starting at $AUD44,000, or approx $USD40k, what you get is a factory right hand drive officially licensed Dynacorn body shell with a full ‘Eleanor’ body kit. Though I know there are a few places in Australia that sell Eleanor body kits you find they are usually individuals. I would be interested in knowing if there are any legal worries RRS might run into selling almost complete cars with Eleanor kits? Are RRS moving towards what Classic Recreations are doing in the states? If so Iā€™m all for it! If done correctly and legally that is.

So what else do you get? Well here is a straight copy/paste from the site:

At a Glance

– Full hanging panels including: doors, guards, boot & bonnet
– Superior alignment, panel accuracy and body dimensionality
– Wider engine bay will accommodate Australian Ford quad-cam V8
– Enlarged tunnel to house late-model six-speed manual and automatic transmissions
– Notched shock towers for greater header clearance
– Low volume manufacture
– ADR approval with availability of full registration in Australia
– Ford-licensed body
– Factory-installed RHD firewall, dash not modified from LHD component
– Factory-engineered RHD bezel and dash fittings
– Reinforced chassis and turret bracing for increased structural rigidity and collision protection
– All internal panels feature corrosion protection
– Correct RHD wiper arm location
– 100% new, no remanufactured or reconditioned parts

Plus Packages Available – prices TBA

– FPV – 5 litre engine gearbox package 6 speed manual OR 6 speed Auto Tiptronic
– RRS full suspension, steering & brake package
– RRS Full panel and parts package
– RRS integrated Air Condition package
– RRS Exhaust package
– RRS electrical fit out and wiring package
– RRS Filler tank system and plumbing package
– RRS Deluxe interior package
– Eleanor Body Kit

Early last week I sort comment from RRS regarding their RHD offerings including the thing I am really interested in, the brushed aluminium RHD dash, but as yet I’m yet to receive a reply. Stay tuned for more information on this new package!

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