[Update] Memory Lane Classics Hit The Headlines – ABC Eyewitness News Reports [w/video]

It’s been two weeks since I posted about Memory Lane Classics going under. In that time more customers have come forward in disbelief some having lost hundreds of thousands and now WDIO ABC Eyewitness News has picked up the story

As I previously reported the Chisholm Police have begun investigations into the company and the owners and WDIO aslo reports that the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is also now involved. Which only stregnthens the allegations that the company principles are in fact on-the-run.

Now other business are also starting to come forward claiming they are owed tens of thousands of dollars in work done or in equipment payments. One saying “I own a tool company that sold to MLC and like many of you received a bad check. I have pursued them with relentless vigour and have a civil judgment against MLS personally. Approx 6 weeks ago the State of Michigan where I’m located issued Felony Fraud warrants”

Though probably the best bit of news was from another local business willing to help out MLC customers who were burned. Lucky’s Chop Shop has come out offering their services “We are the ones helping everyone get their cars and parts that are cleared by the police out of the building.” a spokesman said. “We are making our clients our main goal. Our business is built with the ethics we pride ourselves on, which are Honesty, the highest possible quality of craftsmanship , and only the highest quality of products/parts. We believe in providing our employees with a positive work place, a positive attitude reflects on everything and everyone.”

Eyewitness News attempted to call the numbers listed on the business sign, but calls were not returned. Check out the video below from Eyewitness news.

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