RRS Right Hand Drive Deluxe Dash Bezel Now In Stock – Prices Listed

Back in May I posted about RRS and their RHD offerings including their RHD deluxe interior package which at the time hadn’t been seen nor priced. Now their site has been updated with prices ($AUD) and pictures.

For those converting their cars from left hand drive to right hand drive the kit costs $AUD5,100 but this is only for the panels needed to convert. It does not include you interior dash package, these are extra, priced at $AUD930 for the camera black finish and $AUD1,300 for the deluxe ‘alloy’ finish.

Now I haven’t used any of these RRD right hand drive dash parts but with the time it’s taking me to finish mine we are now considering these as they may save us some time. I think the good thing here though is this is the first mass=produced right hand drive deluxe bezel. Previously owners of RHD cars where either doing them themselves or having restorers do it their own way. Hopefully these look just like the factory on mirrored.


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