Original Eleanor Movie Correct French Steering Wheels Still Available!

Quite some time ago I posted about how difficult it was to find the steering wheel Eleanor displayed in the movie. You may remember the Lecarra wheels were originally French made but something happened and production stopped for months upon months. Once manufacturing resumed they then became US made wheels and was this writers opinion that the quality was not as good. Why? Well I’ve owned both versions. The French ones were far more smoother, felt of a higher craftsmanship and of course were a match to the movie car. That being it had 18 rivets whereas the newer US one only had 9.

Well a reader reminded me this week of a French site that still makes the original wheels. It’s something I forgot to share with you all when I found out about them. All the info after the jump.

The company, Woodwheel, was the original manufacturer of the Lecarra wheels and their email signatures still read “Rolleronline, Woodwheel, and Lecarra are trademarks” They produce automotive and marine wheels.

Upon contacting them I was referred to their retailer, Reffet. Who was more than happy to sort me out a wheel if I needed another. Prices were very much higher than the US made ones but as I said before the quality is outstanding. Though Reffet says they are even better now “The quality is even higher now compared to the verygood one you noted on the original Lecarra made in France. Lecarra US is no longer selling such quality level, I am afraid”

For the wheel, hub and everything needed it would run you about 450 Euros. Keep in mind this was one or two years back, things may have changed.

I thought it was about time I posted this as I know a lot out there will be keen to go for the movie car correct look. And for me, the 18 rivet wheels just look better.

What is fantastic though is the range of wheels they have available. Here is just the 15” ones. They also have 14” and 16”

Check out their site And if you purchase be sure to contact us and tell us how you went.

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