RRS Release New Tilt Steering Column & Modular V8 Conversion

RRS has bolstered their product line with two new items; a right hand drive chrome finished tilt collapsible steering column and a 5.4 Modular V8 Engine Conversion kit. However the tilt column is what excites me most. It’s yet another product, joining the dash kit and bezels, in their right hand drive line of products. With more and more right hand drive aftermarket products for the vintage Mustang it positions RRS as a leader in markets such as Australia and the United Kingdom where right hand drive restorations are in high demand.

As you can see from the photo the steering column looks great with highly polished chrome finish. It also features self-Canceling Turn Signals, 8-Position Tilt, 4-Way Flashers, Knobs and Handles, Ford Turn Signal Switch, Ford Top Shaft and Floor Mount. Pretty much everything you need. This with a great steering wheel would improve the interior of a car ten-fold. I’m still unsure of pricing at this stage as I’ve not had a response from RRS.

The modular v8 conversion kit is also one that i know has generated some interest and I know of one Eleanor project already using it. The kit includes:

– Torque control engine mounts
– Mandrel bent long tube headers
– Plug & play wiring harness and reprogrammed computer
– 2010 radiator mounting hardware
– Drive by wire pedal
– Modular V8 RRS notched shock towers and transmission hump
– Integrated front hub speed sensors
– Air intake
– RRS under-dash brake booster to suit auto or manual
– RRS strut tower stiffening brace
– RRS suspension & steering and brake package deal to suit
– In tank pump fuel system

I really like what RRS is doing with aftermarket Mustang products. Product quality is high and prices are generally reasonable making RRS an enticing option when thinking of you Mustang resto-mod.


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