Jim Morrison's 1967 Ford Mustang GT 500 – Where Is It Now?

Jim Morrison’s 1967 Night Mist Blue Ford Mustang GT500 is one that has puzzled Mustang enthusiasts for years and one that looks like it will never be solved nor the car found.

5 thoughts on “Jim Morrison's 1967 Ford Mustang GT 500 – Where Is It Now?

  1. took off the cover and decided to fix it up..new shocks..struts..misc stuff. will be auctioning it off in the next year or so. “Barret Jackson Auctions”

  2. I have to say the car is not around where it can be found but it is still around LA. If any one wants this car found, no one does more than LA Traffic PD. I was a backup lead to the Doors originally playing on my first song “When the music’s Over.” I hit it off with Pam and i moved in with her off and on. Jimmy would not let me drive his Oldsmobile which was about 1 mile long, so I drove the Mustang. Had a series of encounters on Santa Monica Freeway with LA Traffic and Chippies. I was 16 and no way they were going to catch me. after a few races we won, the rear end twisted when the passenger rear leaf spring mount broke during a race with a red GTX. We both spun off the road and down a side street. we had it towed and the GTX blew up. The rear end was toast so we put a modified pro stock rear end and cold tanked it, with some cosmetic alterations such as ground effects, spider webs on inside and out, plus ground effects and a screeching 6 horn sounds, One being a Mustang. we put a chrome skull shiftier and a duel line Holly on it. When Jimmy saw it he almost came out of his shoes. He started it and screamed at me. I of course told him Pam did it. He drove it after we put a block of wood under the pedal and went to the store. Got three tickets before he got home. Put it up and threatened to run it off a cliff. Me and Pam were coming from San Francisco early on Sunday morning when we got on the interchange to Santa Monica. There was a Ferrari car show in some park in the area and we just happened to come up behind them as all 29 got on the highway. We zoom zoom zoomed up to them with a challenge. . This Mustang was souped to the gills, 600 horse rating from a Dina Chassis check, We ran them all, three blew and one burst into flames. It was like seconds Santa Monica and the Highway Patrol was there and also with a helicopter. They did not bother to come after us but got all 29 Losers and their girl friends. They all got towed and all went to jail. No car show. I know we hit over 200mph and had more.. We beat Brian Wilson in his deuce coup which we had. Scores of 427 57 Chevy’s. Vettes, you name it. Even was challenged by a hot blond in a T bird. Jimmies stang is the undisputed drag racer of all times. She’ll be found and will be King of Santa Monica Freeway again. If you don’t believe it LA PD will always remember. We even jumped a train and it was featured on CHIPS. See you on the strip and don’t forget your pink slip.

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