[VIDEO] Greatest Car chase Of All Time – Now in 1/32 Scale

We’ve all seen the famous chase scene from Bullitt but have you seen it re-enacted in 1/32 scale? I bet not. Well now one devoted UK slot-car fan has set about creating such a thing. User ’emigre’ has been painstainkly building the ultimate set with stunning detail. The professional photographer has been using his know-how to achieve some stunning shots which you can see in the video after the jump.

’emigre’ uses a Pentax K-7 DSLR for exterior shots and a Pentax 20D DSLR for interior shots and says “Once the images were captured (shot in RAW of course) I then used Photoshop to adjust one of the images until perfect and then batch edited them all for consistency. This mainly involved cropping and dropping the saturation right down to capture the 60’s feel of the film.”

It all makes for brilliant outcome. Can’t wait for the feature length!

[Slotforum] via [hemmings]

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