Bazooka NOS8 8-Inch Nitrous Bottle

Here’s a cool piece of kit that has two functions. It’s a subwoofer that is styled on a Nitrous Oxide Bottle. It’s called the Bazooka NOS8 and is an Eight-inch passive Bass Tube enclosure with nitrous-oxide tube design. IT can handle 150w and includes tank, cosmetic nozzle, braided line speaker wire, and mounting kit.

The only issue is the label on the bottle is not that which is on a genuine NOS bottle. But not to worry as these can be purchased on ebay.

This is a cool little item for those who don’t want to install NOS in their car and also don’t want a massive sub box filling the boot. This item looks great in a 1967 Fastback sitting behind the rear seats as the large rear glass showcases it’s design as seen below.

You can purchase the kit from Amazon.

Photos courtesy of [Eleanor Forum]

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