1966 Shelby GT350 Barn Find Sells At Leake Auto Auction

Barn find are something I always love reading about. Maybe it’s because even to this day some real gems are being found and if you dream hard enough you believe you too could uncover your very own barn find.

This particular car has a fair bit of history and controversy around it. The car in question is a 1966 Shelby GT350 Two Door Fastback which was forgotten about until last year when it was found buried under old barbecue grills, water skis, old tools and other household junk.

The great thing about this car is it appears to have sat motionless since it’s last oil change in 1976. The car has an original 87,370 miles on the clock.

What about all the controversy around the car? Well Jalopnik has posted about this in detail though to summarise. The owners were involved in some kind of land dispute and were also sued for refusing to rent a property to an interracial couple. some years later they were also sued by the state of Texas for not obtaining the required permits for an oil drilling venture. The penalty of which meant their properties were seized and the car was found.

Either way It’s a brilliant looking car and was recently sold at Leake Auctions for a $74,500

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