A Day At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed

For many years now I’ve been hearing about the Goodwood Festival of Speed, of simply FoS. The trouble was flying all the way from Australia for one day just wasn’t going to happen. But this year I finally got to attend mainly due to the fact I now reside in London.

To those who don’t know the Goodwood Festival of Speed is an annual hill-climb event held in West Sussex, England on the grounds of the Goodwood estate. The event is a sensory overload of vintage right through to modern day cars, all in working order and putting on a show for the crowd. And even with their respective drivers of their day having another shot in the drivers seat.

Another great spectacle is the famed Forest Rally stage held up in the hills above the estate. Though you come our covered in dust.

Our day began with us being totally overwhelmed by the size of the event. After checking out some cars parked around the grounds we made our way to the hill-climb track surrounded by hale bays and eager fans. We sat and watched as pre-war Bugatti’s hammered up the hill, followed by LeMan winning beasts then some very rare Ferarri’s.

From there we visited the F1 paddock, looking for any F1 big name we could. We weren’t there long before we spoted Christian Horner and Jake Humphrey speaking to fans and posing for photos. Back on track the Vitali Petrov, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button were in their F1 cars showing what they could do, treating the crowd to some standing start burnouts. Something you don’t even see at F1 races.

Also there was Ken Block, trying his hand at the climb, but not without his tradmark burnouts. A real crowd pleaser.

The day was not complete without a foray into the forest. We made our way through the trees and were lucky enough to watch some classic rally cars from all eras thrash by us.

Finally we finished the day checking out some vintage Ferraris, Bentley and Mercedes models close up.

For me this was the best day out I have had in years. and this is saying a lot. Having experienced the Monaco F1 GP a few weeks ago I can easily say the Goodwood Festival of Speed was much more fun. It had something for everyone and It is a must for any automotive fan. I just don’t know of any other event so varied with cars where you can get so close.

Here are some of my pictures from the day. Enjoy.

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