Understated Class – Pristine 1967 Ford Mustang GTA

Although we often post about Eleanor on this site I cannot help thinking back to the original 1967 Mustangs. If I had my time over I probably would have gone down the route of a restoring my Mustang back to its original form and not an Eleanor. But never the less, It is great when you read about someone who has done just that. This is the case with Angelo Pavlis, the owner of this magnificent Silver Frost Metallic 1967 GTA Mustang.

There’s something about an original looking Mustang. It’s clean, simple and just classy. Forget the bolt on body kits, extravagent wheels and exhausts and modern add-ons. Keeping it original appeals to me so much more. It’s understated class to say the least.

Mustang Restorations in Illinois worked on the car to meet Angello’s exact specifications. Angello demanded a full restoration having every piece pristine to ensure the car looks and runs better than the day it rolled off the lot.

A street cam was added to give the car a nice idle. The 289CID engine was retained in favour of a larger block and the original automatic C-4 transmission was also used.

Check out the video below by Classic Recollections.


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  1. STEVE says


  2. Andrew says

    I’m still in 2 minds about which way I should go. Had girl trouble recently but I’m ready to go again with my project. I’d love an Eleanor but there’s something more bad-ass about a classic looking ’67 Fastback. It’s a cheaper project, too. Hell, the body kit alone is half the price of a killer engine.
    Cam, what makes you doubt your Eleanor? The time and money or the fact that you like the classic look more..??

  3. says

    There is so much more to an Eleanor than meets the eye- and getting one done.

    They are worth it in the end only if you are super clear about what you want and you do whatever it takes to get it done! Then they are awesome and the satisfaction is there too!

    I have also had people ring up and tell me they were going to buy a car and build an Eleanor and their budget was $50k. Not even close. You will need $90k upwards to have a finished car built. Compare this to what you can buy a good original fastback for and restore it with all the parts that were made to fit it….

    If you arent sure go the classic resto. if you are definite about an Eleanor- be prepared! and then go for it and dont stop until it is done!

  4. Andrew says

    Some good points there, Adam. I have a real nice ’67 Fastback at the moment, converted to RHD already and people are surprised when I tell them I’m going to restore it, as it looks beaut how it is.
    A fully restored fastback fetches about 60k in Aus whereas the last Eleanor I saw for sale went for 89k. You won’t lose money on an Eleanor if you put the dollars into it.
    But like Cam will probably vouch, it sux to have your car off the road for years on end.
    If I go the classic look then when I start my project in a few months I should have it back on the road in 18 months tops, ready for summer 2013 🙂
    I have watched countless Eleanor videos on Youtube but when you see a good classic ’67 video it makes me think ‘Hell yes, classic is the way to go’. lol I think it’s something to do with the fact that Eleanor could almost pass as a new car whereas a classic stands out in the sea of new cars as a classic beauty with attitude.

  5. Artie says

    Eleanor is a great route to take, but let me tell you it takes time and patients and$$$$$$ I’m just now finish with mine
    And I love it no regrets,

  6. javier Milan Sepulveda says

    can you sell me your car?
    I’ve been looking for a fastback mustang shelby gt 500 for a long time

  7. says

    Hi all , mate im in the same boat. i just bought the blue 1967 fastback thats in the videos up top. I did buy with the intensions of an Elenor build, but now i kinda think the pure muscle car is there.

    Its half the fun isnt it.

  8. says

    Totally agree guys. I know it will be worth it in the end. But it has been such a long road. it is a true “Project”.

    Hell, you never know maybe two mustangs in the driveway when i retire haha!

  9. Andrew says

    Sounds good, Cam..!! I’m super keen on the Chrysler 300C. Hoping to have the ’67 finished and a white 300C with 22″ chromies next to it in the garage in the next few years. Classy business daily-driver on the right, weekend muscle on the left 🙂

  10. Ben says

    I went the classic look with my midnight blue 67 fastback other than adding white Shelby stripes : it just won the “people’s choice” award at the 48 th anniversary show here in Cape Town; the award was voted for as the Mustang the other owners would most like to take home :My car beat 50 others to take the award ; think that says it all !

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