Scott Drake’s Premium Corso Feroce 1965-73 Steering Wheels

You may remember a few years ago we made everyone aware of the wheels our friend Dom was producing in France. The wheels were, and still are, more superior to the US made Lecarra steering wheels of the same likeness and if you’ve ever held both in your hand, like we have, you will agree unreservedly.

We won’t go into to much detail around the quality comparrison of both. You can read the initial post HERE and follow ups HERE and HERE.

Though it now seems Scott Drake has jumped in on the steering wheels as well. Well they’ve always carried Cobra and Shelby style wheels but now they have a new version which appears to be the same 18-rivvet style as Dom’s French made beauties.

Scott Drakes premium Corso Feroce Steering Wheels you can be confident on any fierce course. Handcrafted with pride, these beautiful 1965-73 Shelby Cobra Style Steering Wheels feature a 9 hole diameter with polished aluminum spokes and hand rubbed marine mahogany. They are the perfect choice for that Classic Cobra, Mustang, or Shelby look Mustang enthusiasts crave. Stainless steel mounting screws and polished retaining ring are included for easy installation.

Word is still out on the quality of these but from experience It’s going to be very very tough to surpass the quality of the French made wheels.

Check out Scott Drake’s Premium Corso Feroce 1965-73 Steering Wheels.

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