Changing it up: How we’re moving away from the Eleanor Mustang

If you would have told me 10 years ago that my loved Eleanor Project will be scrapped one day in favour for a more standard looking GT500 resto-mod I would have said you’re mad. But that is just what is happening this year.

When I first saw the remake of Gone in 60 Seconds I just had to have that car Nicholas Cage tore up the town in. Given though, i was a young 20 year old! Now almost 15 years have passed and I’ve grown up (not much though) and so the tough decision was made to change focus and now build a GT500 tribute. Fortunately I found one I love sold a while back by RK Motors which I’m basing it off.

Some may think I am mad but I feel that Eleanor just has a feel of my past about it and a bit of a novelty car. A GT500 tribute, to me, is a car i could take on weekend drives without causing too much of a scene. It’s stunning, yet understated.


As you can see in these pictures the blue GT500 tribute is very different from Eleanor. So the work has already begun to take off the Eleanor nose and hood we have already fitted. Though we are keeping the fuel filler location and a few other bits from the Eleanor styling cues. I’m also currently purchasing all the parts needed to make this resto-mod the most incredible project car around.

Over the coming year I’ll go into more details but we are sparing no expense. From a brand new engine, to custom made Carroll Shelby signature gauges we’ve just received, nothing will be left out.

So stay tuned because I’m hoping the next 12 months will be filled with project updates, something i’ve been slack on over the past few years.


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