Another local car show

img_1608.JPG Lots of pics after the jump Turns out there was a lot of Mustangs there along with a lot of other vintage cars including some historic Australian muscle. Again I tried to get some photos of a few different cars rather than Mustangs. I must say though, the mustangs there were very rough. One particular guy I was speaking to about his 67 coupe with deluxe interior seemed to not believe i owned a 1967 Fastback.. maybe because I’m young? I’m not sure. but I asked him about his deluxe dash conversion (as the deluxe dash didn’t come in RHD). Turns out he did it himself… it was pretty rough. I also asked him why he didn’t get the deluxe door panels without the mirror adjusting hole, as when you convert to RHD your passenger side will now have a empty hole in the panel. He told me you couldn’t get it in RHD.. When I told him I got my panels without the hole from NPD again he didn’t believe me and started ranting on about how he was in America and sent them back… I just smiled and nodded. Maybe it’s the old guys don’t realise the power of the internet and being able to find just about any part your desire! Anyway I had a great day. here are some pictures.

img_1606.JPG img_1607.JPG img_1609.JPG img_1610.JPG img_1611.JPG img_1612.JPG img_1613.JPG img_1614.JPG img_1615.JPG img_1616.JPG img_1617.JPG img_1618.JPG img_1619.JPG img_1620.JPG img_1621.JPG

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