Humble Beginnings – A 1966 Custom Mustang

Arguably one of the best aspects of Mustangs through the years is the fact that they are infinitely customizable. It’s easy to find mods and custom parts for even the older Mustang Models — and what you can’t find, it’s easy to fabricate. That is just what Glen Martyn did with this truly unique 1966 Mustang Fastback model that he’s owned for more than two decades.

Humble Beginnings

It took quite a bit of begging and pleading before Martyn got his hands on this 1966 beauty. Initially, it actually belonged to a friend’s wife, who was gifted it by her father. She gave up on it after the transmission died. After plenty of wheedling and bugging, they finally sold him the car, and the beginning of a legend was born.

From the Ground Up

Through the transmission problems were definitely a big issue, there weren’t a whole lot of other problems with the car when Martyn finally got his hands on it. When it came down to the body, the only thing that had to replace was one of the rear quarter panels.

Martyn didn’t really get to work on the restoration and customization of this classic beauty until nearly two decades after he purchased it — things like his sons’ college funds taking precedence. Once he got a chance to really get in under that hood, though, the rest is history.

The first major purchase he made was the heart of the car — a 351 Cleveland out of a 1972 DeTomaso Pantera that the original owner planned to put into a ’71 Ranchero.
It’s still equipped with the original Pantera heads, though they’ve been treated and polished in the interim, as well as refits with stainless steel 2.02/1.60-inch intake and exhaust valves. A Holley 850 carburetor and Weiand aluminum intake handle the air and fuel, and MSD takes care of all the electronic parts, including the ignition box and distributor.
One of the most unique parts of this engine set-up is the oil pan — the pan itself is a custom job that holds 3.5 quarts and is paired with an external oil pump. To supplement the oil supply, there is an oil accumulator mounted in the trunk which provides an additional 2.5 quarts of oil as necessary.

Sink Into Those Seats

The custom interior is to die for as well — Deluxe Interiors upholstered the power seats out of a Pontiac LeMans and door panels in fantastic Autolux leather in ‘Bourbon.’ All the important information is available on the custom dash — speed, tach, etc. — but don’t look there for the radio. Part of the customization included removing the radio and replacing it with air ducts, as well as relocating the stereo itself to the glove box.

With all the custom work done on this car so far, are there any plans to add any new upgrades? Glen says no. “I love the car exactly as it is,” he explained. With the gentle roar of that Pantera engine under the hood and the luxury of those leather upholstered seats, we can’t blame him there! This 1966 custom Mustang is a dream, and after all the hard work Martyn and his crews did to get it looking this amazing, they definitely deserve some time to enjoy that custom beauty!

Faster Horse: Mustang Documentary Out NOW!


This one nearly slipped under my radar and thankfully I’ve caught it just in time. Out this week is a new documentary on the Ford Mustang. The feature follows the the highs and lows of the new Mustang and pays tribute to the long standing history of Ford and the famous pony cars.

Although I haven’t seen it yet I get goosebumps by just watching the trailer. Check it out below and if you’ve had the chance of seeing it let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

“Director David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi) tackles another venerable, beloved, and long-standing institution: the Mustang, crown jewel of the Ford fleet. As the fiftieth anniversary of the Mustang approaches and the US car industry is just emerging from the ravages of the Great Recession, Ford launches what is only its fifth redesign of the iconic Mustang since its debut in 1964. Now the expectations of thousands of Mustang devotees around the globe are all placed squarely on the shoulders of the Mustang engineering and design team. Chief Program Engineer Dave Pericak leads the charge from assembly floor to showroom – refining every minute detail – as the 2015 Mustang is put the test in the final days leading up to its internationally anticipated launch.”

Old Air Complete A/C System Purchased.

67-8 Mustang FA Dash

Well we can’t really remember when I updated you all on my very own project car. After packing up shop in Australia and moving to London, England it’s been slow going on the restoration front. However just this past week I’ve finally progressed a little. Given it’s only been purchasing of the air conditioning solution but any progress is good progress. Right?

Although I’m located in London the car and build is still happening down under in Australia. And I foresee once the project is completed (in 2050 at this rate) I’ll be enjoying it in sunny Australia where summer temperatures constantly nudge 40 every day. That’s 104 Fahrenheit.

For this reason it’s essential I’ve got a reliable air con solution. Especially whilst sitting in a very old metal car. I decided to go for the Old Air Products Hurricane system. It fits right into the car and comes with some original deluxe louvers. My car wasn’t originally and air con car. So I don’t have any of those parts top use unfortunately.

Hopefully this will do it’s job and keep me cool through those summer months. Stay tuned!


UPDATE – SOLD for $171,562 – 1967 Shelby GT500 To Be Auctioned In London

1967 shelby gt500 london 1

We don’t often see genuine Shelby examples go to auction outside of the US so it’s refreshing to see this lovely 1967 Shelby GT500 Fastback in Nightmist Blue up for auction on September 7th at The RM Sotheby’s auction in London, England.

The car is powered by a 437 bhp, 462 cu. in. OHV Interceptor V-8 engine coupled with a four-speed manual transmission.

As you can see below the car has a great documented history and has been painstakingly and professionally restored. If you can make it over to London in a few weeks we’d highly suggest paying the fee to get to this auction. We may well see you there!

UPDATE – The car was sold tonight for £112,500 ($171,563)

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.27.44 pm

The car offered here, chassis number 1926, is documented by a Deluxe Marti Report, a copy of which is included on file, as having been built at San Jose, California, on 5 April 1967. It was finished, as it appears today, in Nightmist Blue with a knitted black fabric Décor interior, an extra-cooling package, courtesy lights, a fold-down rear seat, power steering, front disc brakes, and a heavy-duty battery. It was delivered to agent Bedford Motor Corporation, of Bedford, Virginia, and sold new on 26 September 1967 to its original owner, James W. Gregg Jr., a resident of Bedford. It is noted that it had a cracked valve cover, which had been replaced by the dealer in January 1968.

1967 shelby gt500 london 2

Around 1971, the car was sold by a Ford dealer in DePere, Wisconsin, to Ken and Shirley DeYoung, who drove it to Road Atlanta in November 1972 to participate in the Sports Car Club of America run-offs. In 1973, it passed to Kevin Jones, of Green Bay, Wisconsin, the last owner recorded in the Shelby American Automobile Club’s Registry.

The present owner had the car fully and expertly restored by British specialist Alan Faulkner-Stevens, of Dragon Wheels, to concours condition, including the majority of its original body panels, with the exception of a new passenger-side floor pan and a proper repair to the rear quarter panels. The body was stripped, properly prepared, and then returned to its original finishes and colours. The car retains its original engine and the 1968 dealer replacement heads, intake, and distributor, with remanufactured correct-type Holley carburettors. Furthermore, the engine has been upgraded with a stroker crankshaft and a connecting rod kit to increase capacity to 462 cubic inches, giving it a healthy boost in horsepower to 437. A dynamometer report on file attests to the increased horsepower and torque. The car has a correct four-speed transmission and axle assembly and all of the rare Shelby fiberglass parts, as well as a correct steering wheel, gauges, and aluminium wheels. The wiring and lights were also upgraded from the original specification, with turn signals being subtly fitted.

This rare “muscle car”, offered in excellent condition throughout and from one of the UK’s foremost Shelby enthusiasts, is undoubtedly the finest example in England!

1967 shelby gt500 london 3

[RM Auctions]

Unique Performance Shelby Super Snake CSE-SS058 For Sale

unique performance mustang sale shelby

This past week we came across a piece of Mustang memorabilia for sale. Though it brings back more bad memories than good. An officially licenses Shelby GT500 E Super Snake built by the now infamous Unique Performance. For those not around for the UP debacle well here’s a summary. The company out of Farmers Branch, Texas was producing officially licensed Mustangs in partnership with Carrol Shelby. Only things fell apart when it came to light the company was using inmates from the local lockup for labour, and not only that. The inmates illegally removed the VINs from the Unique Performance cars. It all went pear shaped from there. Customers lost money and Shelby pulled out.. Enter the authorities and threat of prosecution but not before they went bankrupt. Annd breathe!

This car however, looks like it will be a shadow of it’s former past. The sellers are undertaking the task of upgrading and fixing all the Unique Performance issues for the new owner.

The upgrades are quite extensive, though all stem from the poor build quality that Unique Performance were renowned for. To see a full list of the upgrades that are to be carried our before sale you can check them out HERE.

Though we’re a little confused as we reported the same model, SS058, going up for auction in 2012. As you can see on that link the car was black. As also stated here on the auction site. Either way the car looks nice.

Which reminds us. Where is Doug Hasty these days?

Sale listing

For Sale is a 1967 Licensed Shelby Continuation Super Snake CSE SS058; one of 43 Super Snakes completed by Unique Performance. This vehicle is completely untouched as it left the factory in June of 2005 and with 292 miles now showing on the odometer. The vehicle is currently at Revved Automotive Concepts, the experts in servicing these Licensed Shelby vehicles built by Unique Performance, and is slated for the standard upgrade package to address the production issues known to exist with these vehicles. This vehicle is being offered for sale prior to the upgrade package for $175,000 giving a new owner the opportunity to select any additional upgrades during the service process. This Super Snake is most likely the highest quality untouched Super Snake we have encountered with regards to body, paint, and mechanical build quality.

The vehicle will be undergoing an extensive upgrade package to address the production issues known to exist with these vehicles including a rebuild of the 468 ci all aluminum supercharged FE engine with the correct compression ratio, and upgraded cylinder heads to produce the advertised 725 hp level. The upgrades will be in process while the vehicle is being marketed for sale, allowing a new owner to buy in during the process and take over the expense of the upgrades and select any number of additional options to improve drivability, performance, and overall driving enjoyment. Please visit our UP Upgrades page for information regarding these upgrades. Below will be a listing of the upgrades slated to be performed on SS058. For service done to a comparable vehicle please visit our SS020 gallery here. Once the upgrades are completed the vehicle will be listed for sale at $250,000 Please contact Sean at Revved Automotive Concepts for further information. 817 403 8565


[VIDEO] Take a Tour of Classic Recreations Shop Floor


We’ve seen a couple of shop tours from Classic Recreations over the years though it’s always good to see more and luckily enough the guys from JustAboutCars were given a great tour by the CR team last month.

What’s fascinating is probably the amount of donor cars the Classic Recreations guys seem to always have on hand. It gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling inside that someone is getting these cars back on the road and they are not left to rot and be turned into scrap. Check out the video below.

The All Electric 68′ Ford Mustang Zombie 222.


We recently came across this story and were quite simply blown away. It’s about a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback that has been converted to be entirely electric. Now, we know what you’re thinking. “It’s a muscle car, how could they?” But after you watch the below video we think you’ll have a change of heart.

The Zombie 222 is in-fact a record breaker for an electric car with a top speed of a mile of 174.2mph and 0-60 in just 2.4 seconds. That is supercar territory. Just let that sink in for a minute. An all-electric car!

We’ll let this video speak for itself but we highly recommend you read the full article over at The Verge. Enjoy.

Revology Cars Launch World’s First Ford Mustang Replica


Orlando, FL – America’s most iconic sports car, the original Ford Mustang, is back in production, better than ever. The first true replica of the Mustang, looking just as stunning as the original, but with modern powertrain and technology is being launched by Revology Cars, a specialty automobile manufacturer based in Winter Park, Florida.

The Revology Mustang replica is not simply a copy of the original car. Revology’s founder, Tom Scarpello, calls his version a “postmodern interpretation” of the original Mustang. He explains: “It is easy to see why the original Mustang is a classic. Fifty years later, it still looks great from any angle. But automotive technology has advanced a lot in 50 years, and from a functional perspective, these old cars are truly outdated. At Revology, we keep the style and character of the original car, while seamlessly integrating modern technology and materials to improve performance, safety, reliability, and comfort.”

Numerous details highlight the effort to maintain the integrity of the original design, including power windows activated by pushing or pulling on the original window crank handle, an electronic instrument cluster with message center and LED lighting integrated into the original five-dial bezel and USB and AUX jacks hidden in the ashtray.

While the exterior and interior of the Revology Mustang strive for an original appearance, the car’s underside and engine bay depart dramatically from the first generation model. “The powertrain and suspension are all-new,” says Nathan Loucks, vehicle integration supervisor.

The Revology Mustang replica is powered by a fuel injected 5.0L V- 8 engine, featuring a modern electronic engine management system. An electronically controlled automatic or a manual transmission can be specified. The front suspension is MacPherson strut and the rear end is a three-link design, developed by supplier RRS of Australia specifically for this application. The three-link design offers an excellent balance of performance and ride quality, which is a key reason the design was used on the Ford Mustang from 2005 until the introduction of independent rear suspension in 2015. Power four-wheel disc brakes inspire confidence, while standard power rack and pinion steering provides excellent feedback. Modern creature comforts abound, including remote keyless entry, power door locks, power seats, tilt steering column, intermittent wipers, digital message center, remote trunk release, and even Bluetooth, all carefully integrated into the interior to be minimally intrusive.

The Revology Mustang replica has many active and passive safety features that were not available on the original Mustang, including LED lighting for better visibility, four wheel disc brakes, a dual chamber master cylinder, radial tires, rack and pinion steering, side intrusion beams, collapsible steering column, three-point seat belts, and a fuel pump inertia shut-off switch.

The Revology Mustang replica features an all-new steel body, produced by Dynacorn and licensed by Ford. Revology makes several proprietary changes to the body in order to integrate the modern components. “We started with a licensed original body because it is authentic,” says Scarpello. “You can literally unbolt a piece from a Revology Mustang replica and bolt it to an original Mustang and it will fit.”

Underscoring Revology’s emphasis on quality, reliability, and durability is the fact that every new Mustang replica comes with a one-year, unlimited mileage bumper-to-bumper warranty.
Additional coverage on powertrain components extends to three years, and the body is covered against rust and corrosion for five years.

The Revology Mustang replica looks so authentic, it can easily be mistaken for a perfectly restored original Mustang. “We didn’t take any liberties with the styling,” says Scarpello. “Instead our mission was quite the opposite. We carefully integrated technology in order to improve the user experience while maintaining the integrity of the original design.”

The Revology Mustang replica base price is $119,500 FOB Winter Park, FL. It is available in both convertible and fastback body styles. Revology Cars is accepting orders now for delivery in Spring 2016. Please call (800) 974-4463 or visit for details.

[BARN FIND] 1967 Ford Mustang 390 GT Fastback

1967-mustang-gt-fastback-rear-quarter (1)

Our friends over at Mustang360 recently published a fantastic barn find story we feel compelled to share here with you all. Junior Deese, a Mustang enthusiast and collector got a call from a lady about a Fastback Mustang she was thinking of selling. The lady, Nancy Snipes, had gotten Juniors number after speaking to her son who did some digging at a local repair and parts shop.

Upon viewing the car Junior discovered it was the car he’d been searching for. A factory 390 FE big-block with GT package. However the car meant a great deal to Nancy especially after it was her husbands and he had passed away only a few years earlier. The deal was struck mainly due to the part of Junior coming across as a genuine person who only had the best interests in mind for the car. He even promised to send her a picture and even take her for a ride when it was fully restored.

We love these kind of feel good barn find stories and it’s great to hear another car that was headed for rust city has now been rescued and will be back on the roads for another generation to enjoy.

For the full article head on over to Mustang360.