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The One and Only Short Wheelbase ’65 Mustang

There’s been many a slip twixt the cup and the lip and in the car world there’s cars that exist […]

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The BOSS Shelby: A one-off car, still searching for details…

It's hard to believe that a Boss 302-powered '69 Shelby Mustang, the only one ever built, has stayed nearly unknown for all these years. Now the car has


The Lost (Italian) Bertone Mustang – Where Is It Now?

Oh, it's out there somewhere that’s what I'm told. When I talked about it on a Mustang forum, some forumite told the others on the forum something to

shelby definitive book

[REVIEW] The Definitive Shelby Mustang Guide 1965-1970

There have been at least half a dozen guides to the first gen ('65-70) Shelby Mustangs. But finally there's a book that is deeply research-based and not just