Bi-Xenon Projector Headlight Project

HID Xenon project I had done last year. Basically I wanted a headlight system that retained the cars look but came with the modern output. At the time I was only able to purchase single xenon projectors as this is all that was available aftermarket for right hand drive cars. But now things are a bit different and Bi-Xenon headlamps are now available for right hand drive. Needless to say I’ve now scrapped my previous project and am now having a Bi-xenon set of headlights made up. This time only better. Last time I had the inside of the housing finished in a matte black. Giving a modern look as you can see here. Though after this was done I had a niggling thought about how it takes away from the vintage look. So luckily I have a chance to do it again. I’ve purchased a RHD FX-R Bi-Xenon kit from The Retrofit Source along with some Apollo shrouds. This time we’re going with the vintage look. Keeping silver reflective surface of the headlight itself and just dropping in the bi-xenon projector. One problem though, these projectors are quite long, so it looks like we’re going to have to cut into the inner walls of the car so the back of the light can poke through. So what’s the difference between the single xenon projector and the bi-xenon projector? Well to put it simply a single xenon projector is used just for the main headlight and your car would have a separate light for its high beam. Bi-xenon has the main light and the high beam in one projector. This time around we’re going for a more professional job. We’re going to try and have the rear of the lights inside an enclosure and have the wires neat and clean. The last project was a little dodgy in that respect and my main reason by my personal piece of mind is if I ever have to sell the car and people find wires and heat resistant tape there it would not be a good look. For this reason we’re going for as clean as possible. So stay tuned and hopefully I’ll have some cool pictures for you soon. [Source] [gallery]]]>

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