AmericanMuscle and C&L Performance Giving Away 2015 Mustang Cold Air Intake!

MALVERN, PA – AmericanMuscle and C&L Performance have teamed up to giveaway the very first C&L Cold Air Intake for the 2015 Mustang. C&L Performance makes some of the highest quality cold air intakes available by doing rigorous testing to improve performance gains. In addition to the Intake the winner will also receive a Bama SF4/X4 handheld tuner with free tunes for life from Bama Performance. The C&L Cold Air Intake paired with a Bama Tune will maximize power gains, waking up your 2015 Mustang.

The winner will also receive a personalized plaque with their name, VIN number, and make/model that can be displayed on the intake. This is a package value of over $750.00! To enter, fill out the form online by 11/24/2014.

Giveaway Highlights

– C&L Performance and AmericanMuscle have teamed up to giveaway the very first 2015 Mustang Cold Air Intake

– One lucky winner will receive a C&L Cold Air Intake and Bama SF4/X4 handheld tuner for their EcoBoost, V6, or GT 2015 Mustang

– The winner will receive a personalized plaque with their make, model, VIN, and name engraved on it

– 2015 EcoBoost, V6, and GT owners are all eligible to win

– Participants need to fill out an entry form to be in the running. Contest ends 11/24/2014

All you need to do to enter is follow this link! Good luck!


New Morimoto Sealed7 Round Headlights

It’s been a few years since we last gave an update about the 1967 Fastback project that this site was created for and it’s been even longer since we posted about the particular lighting setup we were going for.

For those readers who remember reading all those years ago you may remember that on this Mustang we wanted to go for a modern, updated headlight system, moving away from the vintage, low light output systems of the past.

A custom Bi-Xenon setup was commissioned though due to the recent years of little progress on the car we never got to the the point of installation and now it looks like we may be starting it all over again, with a more refined system. You see, in the years since the custom setup was built a newer product has been released.

The Morimoto Sealed7. A fully modular bi-xenon replacement for all industry-standard 7″ Round Headlights. Designed to replace all “universal” 7″ round headlights, the Sealed7 offers full low and high beam functionality in a housing that should mount right up to the stock mounting brackets. (For a the 1967 Mustang it looks like a little bit of cutting is required to the frame due to the length of the unit).

The great thing about these units are that they are clean, purpose built units, unlike the ones we had before that had heat tape and all kinds of glue and PVC pipe.

So far we’ve only seen these installed on Jeeps and if you can find them on a classic 60’s Mustang we’d love to from you.

It looks like we’ll be giving these a go in the not to distant future.


This Is The Best Vintage Steering Wheel Ever Made!

It’s been some four years since we last shared information about the wonderful European made steering wheels we managed to track down coming out of France. For those uninitiated after the Gone In 60 Seconds movie remake became popular there was a rush to build ‘Eleanor’ clones that were movie correct. Unfortunately shortly after the movie finished the steering wheel factory that made these wheels changed it’s base of operation from France to the US and as a result a drop in quality was noticed. Here’s our initial comparison and here’s our follow up.

After a lot of searching we managed to track down a French operation creating these original wheels and they are of supreme quality and workmanship. Our contact, Dom, not only produces these ‘movie correct’ steering wheels for early Mustangs but he also produces period wheels for all kinds of vintage automobiles. Through the wonders of the internet we can now see and purchase any of Dom’s wheels right HERE! And the rest of his range HERE. Thank us later.

New Product: Detroit Speed Deep Tubs for the 1964-1970 Ford Mustang

Detroit Speed has this week released a great new deep tub kit for the 1964.5 to 1970 Ford Mustang that allows for wider rear wheel and tire packages. The kit allows you to add a nice big set of tires to your vintage mustang by giving extra clearance. They are designed for a perfect fit, retain a stock appearance, and are available exclusively through Detroit Speed, Inc. The Mustang Deep Tubs come with a replacement framerail section and doubler reinforcement plates to accommodate a wider rear tire. The Deep Tubs are up to 2 1/2” inches wider than stock, stamped from 18 gauge steel, and made in
the USA and apparently will significantly reduce the number of hours required for a mini-tub project.

Pricing is from $400. Check out the below graph to get specifics for your model year and If you’re keen to check them out head on over to Detroit Speed.


[Detroit Speed]

Scott Drake’s Premium Corso Feroce 1965-73 Steering Wheels

You may remember a few years ago we made everyone aware of the wheels our friend Dom was producing in France. The wheels were, and still are, more superior to the US made Lecarra steering wheels of the same likeness and if you’ve ever held both in your hand, like we have, you will agree unreservedly.

We won’t go into to much detail around the quality comparrison of both. You can read the initial post HERE and follow ups HERE and HERE.

Though it now seems Scott Drake has jumped in on the steering wheels as well. Well they’ve always carried Cobra and Shelby style wheels but now they have a new version which appears to be the same 18-rivvet style as Dom’s French made beauties.

Scott Drakes premium Corso Feroce Steering Wheels you can be confident on any fierce course. Handcrafted with pride, these beautiful 1965-73 Shelby Cobra Style Steering Wheels feature a 9 hole diameter with polished aluminum spokes and hand rubbed marine mahogany. They are the perfect choice for that Classic Cobra, Mustang, or Shelby look Mustang enthusiasts crave. Stainless steel mounting screws and polished retaining ring are included for easy installation.

Word is still out on the quality of these but from experience It’s going to be very very tough to surpass the quality of the French made wheels.

Check out Scott Drake’s Premium Corso Feroce 1965-73 Steering Wheels.

Repro 1967 Mustang 390 GT High Performance Air Cleaner by Scott Drake

Scott Drake seem to be going from strength to strength brining new reproductions to market of extremely hard to find parts. This time it’s a the extremely rare 1967 Mustang 390 GT High Performance Air Cleaner without the emissions control tube. Made from original Ford Tooling, this air cleaner is a Concours Reproduction that includes blue base and chrome lid. This is also an excellent stock appearing performance upgrade for the very restrictive 68-70 390-428 Air Cleaners. Some early production 1968 390 GT’s may have come factory with this air cleaner. For California Emissions see part C7ZZ-9600-E. Note: the outside dimension of the lid is 16.75” and will not fit the more common 17” versions.

For more information or to purchase head over to Scott Drake

Painless Performance’s New Convenience Module

We all know about the Painless wiring harness from Painless Performance. A simple and complete way to reqire your vintage mustang. A restorer would be mad not to consider one. Though now there is another product from the Painless Performance team that s sure to bring your vintgae muscle into twenty-first century. The new ‘Convenience Module’

So what does it do? Well the Painless Convenience Module allows you to retrofit your older vehicle with standard features found on many vehicles sold today. Cars today have many features that 15 to 20 years ago were unheard of. The Convenience Module brings these features to you in a complete kit with easy to follow instructions.

In most cases, the installation of this module requires no cutting of factory wiring and can be installed in less than a couple hours. Vehicles must switch ground through the door jamb switches/ground activated dome lights ( standard on GM & MOPAR vehicles) in order for this module to operate correctly. However instructions and parts are included for vehicles with power activated door switches.

Features included with this module are:

Dome Light Delay and Dimming – The delay feature will delay the dome light from turning off for 20 seconds after a door is closed or until the ignition is turned to the “ON” position. Once the dome light is commanded to turn off, it will slowly dim over a 5 second period of time and then go out. This dimming feature also referred to by many as “theater” lighting, creates a slower progression from light to dark.

Radio/Accessory Delay – After the ignition is turned off, even with the key removed from the ignition switch, the Radio or Accessory side of the fuse block (depending on how it is wired, see p.??) will remain powered for 15 minutes or until a door is opened.

Headlight Delay – Headlight delay will keep the headlights turned on for 15 seconds after the vehicle’s ignition has been turned off. This will help illuminate dark parking places, offering safety and security, while the driver exits the vehicle. This feature will only operate if the headlights were on before the ignition was turned off.

Headlight Chime – The Chime, supplied with the kit, will sound if the headlight switch is left in the headlights “on” or park lights “on” position and a door is opened. This will prevent coming out to your vehicle, trying to start it, only to find a dead battery because the headlight switch was left on

Automatic Headlights – Using the included light sensor, this feature will automatically turn your headlights On and Off according to the light conditions the sensor reads. The sensor will read low light levels for 10 seconds before activating the headlights. When the headlights are on, the sensor must see bright enough light levels for 5 minutes before the headlights are turned back off.

Turn Signal Alert – The Chime, supplied with the kit, will sound if the turn signal has been left on for 90 seconds. This will alert you that the turn signal has been left on my mistake.

You can find out more information over at Painless Performance

New Reproduction Timing Cover for Early Ford/Mustang 260/289s

The team over at Virgin Classic Mustang have just released a new reproduction of the timing chain cover used with the aluminum water pump on the 1964 and early 1965 260 and 289 Ford small-block engines in the Mustang.

This early timing chain cover is deeper where the water pump bolts on to allow clearance for the exposed impeller on the aluminum water pump. This cover is made by Scott Drake from high quality die-cast aluminum, just like the original. It features the stock correct built-in timing pointer along with the Ford engineering number, date stamp and manufacturer logo. The detail on this front cover is extremely nice.

Though do note this cover does not have the provision for the oil filler tube that is found on the very early generator equipped cars.

Virginia Classic Mustang’s part number is EG-5701 and the timing cover currently lists for $139.95.


New Reproduction Running Horse & Corral From California Pony Cars

This past week has seen some great new products released for your 1967 Mustang. The guys over at California Pony Parts have come out with a new precision “die cast” replica Running Horse & Corral which looks to be an extraordinary replica of the original.

To often we see cheap imports of parts like this though this time the guys at CPC look to have produced a US made triple chrome plated replica which is built to stand up to the elements for many years.

The particulars include:

– Officially Licensed by Ford
– Limited Lifetime Warranty.
– Shown here with 1967 Standard Grille Spears, EXT-067-128,
– Also available 1967 fog light bars, EXT-067-057 and 1967 fog light
– mounting bar brackets, EXT-067-060, sold separately
– All made in the U.S.A.

For more information contact California Pony Cars at
1-888-225-7669 or visit our website at