New 7″ LED Headlamps For Vintage Mustangs

The guys over at MustangProject are known for changing the game when it comes to lighting and electrics for vintage Mustangs. Their range of LED based products ensures your cars lights will never fail and also ensure the voltage consumption on your Mustang remains low. For Eleanor lovers their sequential taillights and their right hand drive rear turn signals have been generating some talk but now they’ve gone one further and have introduced a 7-inch headlight for For 64 1/2 thru 68, and 71 thru 73 cars. [Read more…]

[PARTS UPDATE] – Gauges, MSD Ignition and Custom Covers

Having a restoration project that spans almost a decade is not always as bad or frustrating as you would think. There is a positive to take from it which isn’t always obvious. As time passes the parts and products available to restorers improve and get upgraded. That is just the case for the following parts that are now available or have been improved. I thought I’d post these here for all Mustang restorers as they are not always easy to find. [Read more…]

The PIAA Light Information Summary for Eleanor

Can you believe it’s been 12 years since the Gone in 60 Seconds remake hit our screens? And over those years we have posted about and hunted down parts related to the on-screen beauty that is Eleanor. Over time though some of those parts have become discontinued and have become increasingly harder to find. The lights are one such area. Fortunately user ’82firebird’ over at the Eleanor Mustang forums has put together a nice summary of the PIAA light variations that are available or have been available over the years. [Read more…]

[eBay Find] – Gone In Sixty Seconds – Eleanor Vanity Plates

Being an Eleanor owner/builder I understand how important it is to feel that your Eleanor looks the part. For me, being a bit of a perfectionist, I will try my hardest to have my car look as close the the movie car as possible. These vanity plates available now are a no-brainer then. Perfect for the enthusiast out for a photo shoot or just to sit and admire in the garage. [Read more…]

Bazooka NOS8 8-Inch Nitrous Bottle

Here’s a cool piece of kit that has two functions. It’s a subwoofer that is styled on a Nitrous Oxide Bottle. It’s called the Bazooka NOS8 and is an Eight-inch passive Bass Tube enclosure with nitrous-oxide tube design. IT can handle 150w and includes tank, cosmetic nozzle, braided line speaker wire, and mounting kit. [Read more…]

New Products From RRS – Air Con, Extractors, Fuel Tank and More

As far as new products go we’ve not seen anything new from the RRS camp in a while. The good news is that they have been busy building up reader Michael’s project car with all the latest products and now it seems some of these products will be available to all. These include an all new electronic Air conditioning unit specifically built with RHD cars in mind and new Fuel Tank with sender for a fuel injected motor [Read more…]