[UPDATE] Original Eleanor Movie Correct French Steering Wheels Still Available!

So since my post about the movie correct French steering wheel availability it seems Eleanor enthusiasts have bombarded my friend Dom proving there are many of you out there that are after one of these hard to find steering wheels. Well for those still deciding or considering one here is a small update from Dom, hit the jump for pictures of this beautiful wheel. [Read more…]

RRS Release New Tilt Steering Column & Modular V8 Conversion

RRS has bolstered their product line with two new items; a right hand drive chrome finished tilt collapsible steering column and a 5.4 Modular V8 Engine Conversion kit. However the tilt column is what excites me most. It’s yet another product, joining the dash kit and bezels, in their right hand drive line of products. With more and more right hand drive aftermarket products for the vintage Mustang it positions RRS as a leader in markets such as Australia and the United Kingdom where right hand drive restorations are in high demand. [Read more…]

Original Eleanor Movie Correct French Steering Wheels Still Available!

Quite some time ago I posted about how difficult it was to find the steering wheel Eleanor displayed in the movie. You may remember the Lecarra wheels were originally French made but something happened and production stopped for months upon months. Once manufacturing resumed they then became US made wheels and was this writers opinion that the quality was not as good. Why? Well I’ve owned both versions. The French ones were far more smoother, felt of a higher craftsmanship and of course were a match to the movie car. That being it had 18 rivets whereas the newer US one only had 9.

Well a reader reminded me this week of a French site that still makes the original wheels. It’s something I forgot to share with you all when I found out about them. All the info after the jump. [Read more…]

Custom Autosound USA-630 Radio – Vintage look, Modern Tech

So as another month goes past with no real progress or updates on my car I’m yet again finding myself trying to keep the spark alive by looking up parts I need to buy. A few months ago I was looking at the MSD-6AL which I’m looking at getting when car begins to be built back up but now I’ve been considering the car stereo, and to me it’s one of the most important things in the car! [Read more…]

LED Taillight, Reverse Light and Turn Signal Kit From Mustang Project

There are small things when building an American Muscle car in Australia that if you don’t get right could cause you problems later down the track with authoritys. One such thing is your reverse and tail lights. In Australia (well NSW where I live) the law states that your reverse lights can be white but your turn signal must be amber. Now there are many in Aus who have had their cars passed as stock, some due to keeping left hand drive and others maybe by sheer luck. Either way I will be trying to adhere to every letter of the law when I go to get my old girl registered. Which brings me to this cool little product I stumbled across. [Read more…]

RRS Now Offering RHD Kits & Deluxe RHD Dash Possibly On The Way!


For Australians and the British It’s always been a big problem when converting your mustang to right hand drive trying to find someone who can do a good job and not ruin your beautiful car. It’s been incredibly hard trying to find a Mustang in it’s original right hand drive, as not many were sold in Australia back in the 60’s. And for those who didn’t know no Mustangs came out of the [Read more…]

Finding The Elusive Carroll Shelby Signature Gauges


It may sound like an absurd thing to say but I believe there was actuall a few good things to come from the company that was Unique Performance, mainly helping to commercialise the whole idea of Eleanor builds and also bringing a few new products to the market including Carrol Shelby Signature seats, Shelby Shifters, Pedals and of course the now very rare Carroll Shelby signature gauges. [Read more…]