Projector headlight retrofit pt2

I’ve revisted this idea again which i spoke about in part one. I’m still 100% going to go with the projector headlights and have decided on the Bi-Xenon Audi RS6/A6 projectors and ballasts from HID Planet

Here’s what you get in the kit:

RS6/A6 Bi-Xenon ECE Complete System:

Complete RS6/A6 HID System comes with projectors, bulbs, ballasts, and ballast housings.

This Complete System comes with the parts needed for a full retrofit or replacement. The system comes with the following:

# RS6/A6 Bi-Xenon Projectors
# Hella Generation-3 12V Ballasts (pair)
# Philips D2S 4100K Bulbs (pair)
# Ballast Housings (pair)
# Ballast Power Leads/Pigtails


They look great I think and although there is a little bit of work in the modification, installation and not to mention wiring for the Bi-Xenon solenoid I think it’s well worth it in the end.


Now that I’ve decided on the lighting system, I have to choose the actually headlights that will be cut out and used as the housing for the projectors. What I’ve come across is the European style ‘Angel Eyes’ headlights like the Volkswagen and BMW’s use.

head-light_off.jpg head-light_on.jpg

So basically imagine the second image with the projectors, coupled with the above image using the Angel Eye light housings. I think that will look great! although I do imagine A LOT of work on the wiring and electrics.

I think my next update on this will be when I buy the various parts. Stay tuned.

Photos courtesy of Aleks and Fastbackfreak.

RRS coilover and rack & pinion steering

RRS or Revelation Racing Supplies is an Australian company manufacturing quality race bred components for various vintage cars, including the Ford Mustang of course.

They mainly produce steering and suspension components, much like the US based companies like Total Control Products or Flaming River, however for the budding Australian enthusiast RRS is the only option as TCP and Flaming River are both illegal in Australia due to not having engineering certificates amongst other things, believe me, I’ve looked into it.

One of my first purchases was the RRS Phase one lightweight front coil over suspension seen here.

phase1_2.jpg phase1_1.jpg

Obviously I haven’t had a chance to fit them yet, but I’m very excited about how they are going to handle. In this purchase i also got myself a RHD power rack & pinion setup. I’m not really keen to use the original steering. I want to have a vintage car with the handling of a modern one.


I’m not done with RRS yet though, I still have to get the rear disc brake setup, the 3 link rear suspension get and the molycarbide brake discs for the front. More on these later.

PIAA 959 lights arrive!

I had a nice surprise waiting fro me when i returned home this evening. A box from the states with my PIAA 959 projector fog lights! If you remember my previous post, I was a little excited about scoring these as they are now sold out and impossible to find at a good price. I managed to purchase them brand new off one of the members on the Eleanor forums.

My first thoughts were of the sheer size of the units themselves. I’ve never actually held a pair, I’ve only seen them installed and thought they were small, but they are quite large, just fitting into the palm of my hand.

They turned up in record time, under a week, and safe and well. Here are some pictures i just took.

piaa959_3.JPG piaa959_5.JPG piaa959_6.JPG

piaa959_1.JPG piaa959_2.JPG piaa959_4.JPG

Air Conditioning and AC Vents

Originally my car wasn’t equipped with air conditioning and in Australia where our winter’s are the equivalent to the hottest day in other countries and our summer’s are hotter than the sun i thought it would be best to investigate and implement air conditioning.

Two major tasks were required. One, find original 67 ac vents and control unit, which is becoming a tall order these days, and two, decide which air system i would install.

Let’s start with the later. Rather than finding bits and pieces to reconstruct an original setup I’ve decided to fork out the cash and buy a complete new setup and adapt it to the original vents and control unit. However i haven’t decided which to buy and so I’m still researching that bit. I’ve come across Vintage Air but i know there was another major one i cannot seem to remember from when i researched these last year.

On to the ac vents and controller setup. I managed to purchase these through eBay from an Australian seller for a reasonable price. They are however from a non-deluxe interior car, meaning for it to go into my car with deluxe interior it will need to be chromed. It also has a fair bit of pitting which will need attention. The centre vent is complete (although the picture will tell a different story) the other bits and pieces did come with it, they just need to be put back in.

67_ac_vents_11.JPG 67_ac_vents_02.JPG 67_ac_vents_08.JPG 67_ac_vents_09.JPG

PIAA 9591 Projector Fog lights

So these are the blue lights in the front valance just inside the main headlights. Seems they are not produced by PIAA any longer and have been hard to come by. Luckily enough one of my friends on the Customfastback forum has a spare pair, and better still, they are brand new in the box.

0228325-r1-046-21a.jpg park034.jpg

Paying for them on Monday and hopefully have them in a few weeks. Once i get these that will complete all the exterior lights i need.

Taylor Aluminium Battery Box w/ Relocation Cables

In an effort to keep the engine bay clutter free and neat I’ve decided to relocate the battery to the boot, and thankfully this isn’t too difficult with the Taylor Aluminium Battery Box. IT comes with relocation cables so setup should be a breeze. Here’s what is said about it.

Taylor’s three-piece aluminum battery boxes meet NHRA rules for installations where there is no firewall between the driver and the battery. They fit most battery sizes and hard-mount the battery to the frame. The removable top allows access to the battery without having to remove it from the box. A heavy duty, welded hold-down and the mounting hardware are included. Positive and negative standard battery cable included for trunk mount relocation.



PIAA lights setup

I finally got around to purchasing some more of the lights for the car, i went the easy way and bought them all from the one place, Mustangs Unlimited

So here is what i got:









c7zz15511ar-b.jpg c7zz15512ar-b.jpg






You may also notice i didn’t get to purchase the PIAA9591 Projector (blue) fog lights, well PIAA no longer makes this item so it wasn’t available. However I’ve found some, more info on them soon.

Gauges…all hail Autometer gauges!

So the movie car had the original guages in it, although it had an Autometer monster tacho fitted. I don’t wanna go the monster tacho way, but I do want to go the Autometer way.

Basically I wanted it to look like this:


So after checking out Autometer and seeing them in other cars I started to hunt them down. But again it wasn’t as easy as thought, being in Australia we use Kilometers Per Hour (KPH) better known as metric. So I had to order the Metric series of the guages, which I decided where the Ultra-lite Pro Comp range. Here is what I needed:

5″ Electrical Speedo – 4489-M
5″ 10K Tachometer – 4498
2 5/8″ Fuel –
2 5/8″ Water – 4431-M
2 5/8″ Oil Pressure – 4427

After a lot of searching I found a guy in the states who ordered them for me through Autometer directly. Funnily enough I found him on Ebay selling guages, so I just emailed him. Turned out really cheap as well.

Here they are:

Autometer Metric Gauges Mustang Dash Cluster

The Lecarra Steering Wheel Escapade!

Ok if there is something in this entire restoration I’ve researched a whole lot it’s the damn steering wheel, and by god has it been a difficult one! So I’ll try to explain it.

In order to make my car as close as possible to the original movie car I wanted to get the same steering wheel seen here on the actual movie car.

Shelby Eleanor 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Deluxe Interieror Lecarra  Mark 3 Supereme Teardrop Wheel

This steering wheel is a 15″ Lecarra Mark 3 Supreme Tear Drop wheel with a 1.5inch dish. Now you would think a steering wheel is a steering wheel. You thought wrong. My research (all be it very shady) has shown me these laminated mahogany wheels were produced in the Lecarra French factory up until about 2002 when some sort of dispute took place and subsequently the factory was shut or it stopped making the wheels for Lecarra. (If anyone has any light to shed on this please let me know).

Subject: Re: Steering Wheel Purchase info
We do not have any dealers in Australia. Right now, the Mark 3 wheel isn’t available. We are working on changing over manufacturing and it will be a few months before we get them on the shelf again. So you can check back and see where we are, or I do have a few of the 14″ flat wheels left in stock. I have the single slot and the gt style.

Now seeing as every man and his dog wanted these wheels and i only began my project in 2004, it seemed i was doomed from the start.

Another thing to note is the rivets on the wheel, some had 17 rivets and some 18, why? Well I’m not sure but what I know is Lecarra made wheels with this many rivets and the UK company Moto Lita only made 9 rivet wheels (of similar look).

So in Jan 2006 I hit them up again and got this:

That wheel is still not in production. I will keep your e-mail and let you know when they will be available.

Then again in March 2006 (yes im very impatient):

We still do not have them on the shelf yet, but hopefully it will be soon. We have hired a new person to take care them and hopefully get them finished and in production soon, I will keep your e-mail and let you know when we get them in stock.


But then in July 2006 we had some action!!

Just wanted to let you know that we got our first run of 34215 Mark 3 wheels in and they are ready to ship. We have limited ones and they will go quickly, so if you wish to order one, just give us a call and place your order with Stacie or Rita and let them know that you received an e-mail about the wheels, so you can be one of the first to get one. The wheel will be 229.95. Thanks

Naturally I was the first to purchase one and when it arrived I was overjoyed until I opened it to find it was radically different from the 17/18 rivet version they previously produced in France. This 2006 USA made version was a rougher mahogany, and it only had 9 rivets! I know some are saying pfft who cares it still looks good, but no, im a perfectionist. So i sold it on ebay. Here are some pictures of it the day it arrived.

Shelby Eleanor 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Deluxe Interieror Lecarra  Mark 3 Supereme Teardrop Wheel Shelby Eleanor 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Deluxe Interieror Lecarra  Mark 3 Supereme Teardrop Wheel Shelby Eleanor 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Deluxe Interieror Lecarra  Mark 3 Supereme Teardrop Wheel

So, back to square one! In the meantime my good friend Toby who also lives in Sydney, and building an Eleanor, was shopping at some random automotive store 15mins from my house when he called me to say they had “The Wheel” after exchanging a lot of profanities he convinced me it was it and only after he sent me photos did I believe it! This was a weekend, so first thing Monday morning i sent my trusty father down (hey I had to work!) to purchase one!

He called to say they had two!! So I bought both, and the sales guy said they bought them years back from Lecarra, but just left them out the back!! Anyway that night I had two wheels, one was the EXACT one I wanted an 18 rivet French made wheel. The finish and feel was so smooth it made the ‘new’ USA version seem like sandpaper!

I ended up selling the second one to a friend as it was flat one with no dish!

Here are some pictures I have! It came only in a plastic bag. You can even see the difference in finish between the two.

Shelby Eleanor 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Deluxe Interieror Lecarra  Mark 3 Supereme Teardrop Wheel Shelby Eleanor 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Deluxe Interieror Lecarra  Mark 3 Supereme Teardrop Wheel Shelby Eleanor 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Deluxe Interieror Lecarra  Mark 3 Supereme Teardrop Wheel

*Note the bag shot is of the flat wheel

So basically that was it! 2 years searching for a wheel made in France for an American company which was discontinued years ago and to find it in a store 15 minutes from my house is simply unbelievable! but it happened!