Old Air Complete A/C System Purchased.

67-8 Mustang FA Dash

Well we can’t really remember when I updated you all on my very own project car. After packing up shop in Australia and moving to London, England it’s been slow going on the restoration front. However just this past week I’ve finally progressed a little. Given it’s only been purchasing of the air conditioning solution but any progress is good progress. Right?

Although I’m located in London the car and build is still happening down under in Australia. And I foresee once the project is completed (in 2050 at this rate) I’ll be enjoying it in sunny Australia where summer temperatures constantly nudge 40 every day. That’s 104 Fahrenheit.

For this reason it’s essential I’ve got a reliable air con solution. Especially whilst sitting in a very old metal car. I decided to go for the Old Air Products Hurricane system. It fits right into the car and comes with some original deluxe louvers. My car wasn’t originally and air con car. So I don’t have any of those parts top use unfortunately.

Hopefully this will do it’s job and keep me cool through those summer months. Stay tuned!


[PARTS UPDATE] – Gauges, MSD Ignition and Custom Covers

Having a restoration project that spans almost a decade is not always as bad or frustrating as you would think. There is a positive to take from it which isn’t always obvious. As time passes the parts and products available to restorers improve and get upgraded. That is just the case for the following parts that are now available or have been improved. I thought I’d post these here for all Mustang restorers as they are not always easy to find. [Read more…]

Should I Purchase a MSD-6AL Ignition Control For My Project?

With so much time on my hands waiting and waiting for work to restart on my project I’ve increasingly been looking at small parts to buy that I’ll be needing or maybe parts I don’t need but just want. But one part that I’ve been tossing up with is the MSD-6AL ignition control. Do I need it and what benefits will it provide my engine? I’d really like to hear your comments and suggestions. Are you running one? Is it essential? And more importantly do I need one? [Read more…]

Update: Bi-Xenon Projector Headlight Project Completed!

Well the project is finished and the lights are on their way to Australia. Overall quite a quick and painless process.

This time I wanted to make sure that lights were extremely secure, and after seeing a cool HID Retrofit on an old mini and how they made an eclosure to protect the unit. With this in mind I [Read more…]

Update: Bi-Xenon Projector Headlight Project Almost Done

It was only a few weeks ago I posted about my second attempt at a superior headlight system for the Mustang, this time a Bi-Xenon headlight setup which would be a big step up from the single Xenon project I did a year or so ago. Well good news is it’s taking shape and looks damn fine! Check out the pics after the jump. [Read more…]

Bi-Xenon Projector Headlight Project

You may all remember my HID Xenon project I had done last year. Basically I wanted a headlight system that retained the cars look but came with the modern output. At the time I was only able to purchase single xenon projectors as this is all that was available aftermarket for right hand drive cars. But now things are a bit different and Bi-Xenon headlamps are now available for right hand drive. Needless to say I’ve now scrapped my previous project and am now having a Bi-xenon set of headlights made up. This time only better. [Read more…]

Cursed Cars, A Severed Hand And A Lot Of Patience

Apologies for the lack of updates, It’s been very quiet over here in Australia with a very cold winter work has slowed down. Unfortunately last week we had an accident in the shop. While working on my friend Toby’s Eleanor project one of the body guys almost severed his hand. I’m not too sure how it happened as I can’t get to the shop but work was halted for a while. Now while he recovers we are one man down. [Read more…]

Bringing Eleanor Together – A Financial Update

So when I started out with this project I don’t think I knew what I was in for. I didn’t know how much money I was going to have to spend, but as always with me, I love a challenge and I know the money will be well spent. So for those of you wishing to do the same thing as me take note.

Probably the major factor in the cost of such a project is that I am located in Australia. So getting a car here was costly. The car itself, shipping, import fees, agent fees, taxes etc. came to about $AUD20,000. That’s just getting the car here in its unrestored stripped back form as seen here. [Read more…]