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Classic Speed Inc are doing. It’s time the other side of the world can rejoice! Located in the Philippines at the former US Air Force Base Clark Field, 90 km’s north of Manila. The re-born “Special Economic Zone” was established after the US Military left following the eruption of Mount Pinatubo. This zone rejuvenation has provided the perfect location for the guys at Classic Speed. Positioning them well to setup a large scale operation maily aimed at Australian and New Zealand clients. Classic Speed seem to specialise in right-hand-drive Mustang conversions and after arriving by sea freight from the USA the cars clear customs and are delivered to the factory where work begins on either custom cars already purchased by clients or cars destined for the showroom floor. You can choose to buy a car straight off said floor and in which case in will take approximately 8-weeks to land in Australia from Manila. More obviously to the USA or Europe. Though if you choose to go down the custom route the team there will work with you to create your one of a kind vehicle. Depending on the customers specifications the build will typically take 10 – 12 months. However one thing also encouraged by the team at Classic Speed is to fly into Manila and visit the factory in person. They will also arrange some laps at the local international race track to help you choose which Mustang fits you. Bonus! One thing is for sure, if we’re ever in the Manila area we’ll be stopping by for a visit. Check out their photos below courtesy of Top Gear Philippines Be sure to check out their Facebook page and their detailed website [gallery]]]>

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  1. Do you sell or do you have 1965 to 1967 Mustang Convertibles available in Manila for use in Manila…???

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