Cursed Cars, A Severed Hand And A Lot Of Patience

accident in the shop. While working on my friend Toby’s Eleanor project one of the body guys almost severed his hand. I’m not too sure how it happened as I can’t get to the shop but work was halted for a while. Now while he recovers we are one man down. It seems Toby’s car has caused a fair few headaches for the guys, so much so that they have dubbed the car, The Cursed Car. As we stand now Toby’s car is the priority. We only have one group of guys and I think something around 4 or 5 cars in various stages of restoration. Toby’s car should, fingers crossed, be off to paint in the next couple of weeks which will bring my old girl out from the corner to have her right hand drive conversion started. The RHD conversion could take some time though. Speaking with Toby this week I was almost crushed to hear that his conversion took almost 6 months. But I guess we can’t rush these things, although I would love to. On the financial front I’ve put in for my loan and have just to send the contract in and we can be on our way, however I was offered the same loan from a family member at an extremely lower percentage rate, only catch, I have to wait until October. I think i might wait as the money saved on interest can be put back into the car, so a little bit of waiting here could mean a closer finish to the project. Will keep you posted. John, my builder is due to give me an update shortly, though I don’t think there will have been any progress to my car, though if there is I will be sure to let you know. ]]>

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