Damians March Update – Paint On Its Way

damians-eleanor-kimberly-update-march-2009-cover You may all remember Damian, one of the readers of this site and his Eleanor project he has dubbed “Kimberly” Well news this week out of his camp that all the kit has been fitted after a great deal of work, in fact in his own words he says: “It was a hell of a job to get all the lines straight and matching. Mind you this was the second kit that we got in as the for the first we would have had an easier time fitting it to a Smart car it was that far out of wack.” His engine has also started its assembly journey and by the looks of the pics we should see some paint very very soon. So it seems we have two projects in Australia very close to paint. The other being Toby’s which hopefully i’ll have an update on this weekend with pics Stay tuned. Thanks to Damian for sharing. [gallery] ]]>

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