Damian’s New Year “Kimberly” Update – So Close

damian jan 2010 kimberly cover So it’s about time I gave an update on Damian’s ‘Kimberly’ project. Last update Damian shared with us the fresh paint job but now lots more has been added and the car is on track for a April completion date. Damian recently visited his build over Christmas to oversee how everything was going saying “the motor will be ready for dyno 3rd week of January. They were just waiting on the roll cage which arrived this week so that they could put the interior back together. All rear suspension is in and they have started on the boxes for the stereo unit.” I’m very interested in seeing how the stereo works out. This is something im tossing up with for mine. Should I put a custom stereo in with added speakers? Or use the original speaker locations (with new speakers) and the new CD changers made to look like the original radios Well Damian, she is looking amazing. I can’t wait for some finished pics and maybe even some HD Video of her rolling around your streets. Stay tuned! [gallery]]]>

3 thoughts on “Damian’s New Year “Kimberly” Update – So Close

  1. Looking good Damian. Can’t wait to see some video or more pictures. Quick question if you dont mind me asking, Who is doing your interior work? Are you using the original interior refurbed or using new parts, just interested to know what path people suggest going down.

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