Dynacorn Debuts 1965 – 1966 Bodies

Off the back huge success of the Dyancorn 1967 bodies it was only a matter of time before the company know for it’s licensed reproduction bodies offered a 1965-66 version. It makes sense. The body was debuted at this years SEMA and while no major details are known we do know that Dynacorn are awaiting licensing approval from Ford. Stay tuned. Photo Courtesy of MustangMonthly ]]>

2 thoughts on “Dynacorn Debuts 1965 – 1966 Bodies

  1. we have seen a few dynacorn bodies in use, we have had great feedback here at laurel mountain mustang on the 67 fastback bodies and there matching panels, one of the best i think would be the 1967 thru 1970 fastback full quarter panels, another would be there one piece floor pan.

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