Fitting Eleanor's body kit

mockrearshot2.JPG mocksideskirts.JPG mockupperscoop.JPG mockexhaustskirt.JPG mockrearquarter.JPG mocklowerscoop_rearflare.JPG Not the best photos I know but it’s all I could get. You can really see her taking shape even with the littlest of changes. Now I’m getting excited. We also started mocking up where the gas cap would be and this is something I want to get right. I’m very adamant about the position as I don’t want it as far back as the Unique Performance caps. I want it in the position like the movie car had, like this:

So here are some shots of the progress of the gas cap:
gascapprep3.JPG mockgascapposition.JPG
Looking good I think, I should have some better shots in the next coming days, so check back soon.]]>

13 thoughts on “Fitting Eleanor's body kit

  1. Hey Ryan,
    The kit is an Australian made kit fro ma company in Melbourne. I didn’t buy it directly from them rather my builder bought it as he is friends with them. I’ve had a few people ask me about the kits and i just put them on to my builder who can sort you out and put you in the right direction.
    If you need his details just shoot me an email at
    Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. Hay Mate,
    Just wondering where did you get your body from and where did you get the kit from, i have a gt 350 but did not want to butcher it….. can you get just the bodies???

  3. Hey Stu,
    Thanks for stopping by. Shoot me an email and i’ll put you in touch with my builder who sells the kit ( i don’t want to put his email on the net)
    I would love to see your car, send me some pictures and a brief history or write up if you like and i’ll put it on the site 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hey Doren,
    No new photos mate, She’s sitting in the corner of the shed while i pay off the bills (see my latest project update)
    Things should pickup this winter though, I hope. Bills will be paid off end of next month then hopefully back to work.
    Im posting a rough schedule soon so check the main page 🙂
    Thanks for checking the site though.
    Cheers mate

  5. Mate kit looks good, I am looking for the driving lights and fog lights in the nose cone and front lower bumper can you give me a idea where you got yours from please

  6. An Aussie company makes the kit? Or are they the guys that distribute in Oz.
    Are you in Australia or USA. I am an Aussie in the states and am looking for some decent kits atthe moment. I have my eye on a 67 that all ready has a kit & looks good but needs lots of work. Nothing lines up great but over all for a 302, 5speed she is in decent condition. A little light cancer that doesnt appear to be bad.. anyway mate PLEASE send a few more pictures when you can.

  7. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for stopping by. Yes i’m in Australia and yes the kit i have is made locally. It’s a bit more expensive than the American kit but if i was to import a US kit it would work out the same. If you are in the Us i suggest goign for a US kit. The Maier kit seems to be what most people go with. Some fit good some don’t. No kit will really fit without any work though.
    As for pictures, all pictures i have of the kit ot kit fitment have been posted on the site so i haven’t got anymore to post as yet. When i do they’ll go up on the site 🙂
    Overall plan.. well i just want to get her finished and then we’ll go from there. I have no plans to sell her at this stage. I just want to enjoy the fruits of my labour! haha
    Take care

  8. Hi there I was interested in getting some panels for my car who from Melbourne did u get them from they look good

  9. Hi there I was interested in getting some panels for my car who from Melbourne did u get them from they look good

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