5 thoughts on “Fitting the kit – Another update

  1. Hey i really loved the pics they were great. so is that an original that you are just restoring or is that another clone? are you going to replace everything on it and not keep the originall look or the original body. and if that is an original how did you get it. this particular car has feeled my mind for years i cant stop seraching to own one untill i do that is if there is anymore original ones and not some clone or one that had every little thing replaced i guess like they say in the movie gone in 60 seconds. she is my unicorn. i plan to name her eleanor when i find an original i dont care if she doesnt run and needs some engine TLC I dont think there is one out there that doesnt need some engine TLC. well anywhos if you could help me out with my dilema PLEASE WRIGHT BACK.
    Clorrisa Tinsman

  2. Hey Clorissa,
    Thanks for the comments. Well as for mine, it is an original 1967 Fastback that i’m turning into Eleanor. You can read all about the original car here: http://67mustangblog.com/?p=9
    The best advice i could give you is search for a straight rust free car and be prepared to spend double what you’re expecting to and have lots of patience 🙂
    If you really want it, then go out and do it! that’s what i did even after being told by many that i was dreaming!

  3. Cam, must be pleasing to see it start to look like her, are those the whole gaurd from the kit bloke. Looking like there was a bit of blending in done with the deck lid. All looking good keep the post’s comming.
    Living the dream through others,

  4. Hey Justin.
    It sure is mate, i have some fresh pics from this weekend i will post as soon as i get a chance! it shows the front end and although it’s not fitting to good at the moment it still gives me tingles!
    Yes you’re right there was a lot of work done on the rear, as with what is happening currently with the front. Lots of fiddling and work done to make everything flush and fitting.
    I should have more info for you after this weekend.
    Stay tuned 🙂

  5. hi cam
    thanks for the response i am using rrs 3phase
    what kind of glue did you use for the fiberglass
    did you look into the aussie radiator pwr
    thaks adam

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