Fitting the Shelby rear taillights!

Shelby rear tail lights assembly The Shelby taillights have been fitted and the side exhaust tips are being worked on. It’s coming down to the little odds and end with the whole kit fitting. Well after a very demoralising weekend having been told the bill for the body work, fitting the kit and labour I’ve finally feeling a bit better after getting some more photos! No matter how much this project is costing me all my worries and fears dissipate when i see the old girl taking shape. Firstly we’ve encountered some problems with the side exhaust tips fitting into the kit. Mainly due to our Australian kit being slightly different to the American ones, so the Tip doesn’t exit in the exact same spot. This means we”ve had to cut the end of the exhaust tips and we will re-weld the ends at a different angle, well that’s the plan anyway.

Mustang Eleanor Side exahust tips Mustang Eleanor Side exahust tips
Now on to the rear Shelby taillights, Not much to say here as the rear panel was put in a few weeks ago and special attention was made to it being neat and flush. So the lights went in smoothly as you can see from the pictures.
Shelby rear taillights assembly Shelby rear taillights assembly Shelby rear tail lights assembly Shelby rear tail lights assembly Shelby rear taillights assembly Shelby rear taillights assembly
We’re getting close to finishing the kit work and body work, in a few weeks we’ll roll her out in the sun and get some full body shots. Stay tuned! ]]>

5 thoughts on “Fitting the Shelby rear taillights!

  1. Maybe you should have got a classic’s E delivered to your door completed, Jason completes a very nice E as you have had a say on in this your site. You have waited so so long and some of the problems you have come across and had to overcome would not have happened.
    As you could guess no malice was intended toward you, your builder and your project if it’s been taken that way.
    Great site, and well keep up to date with current news, good reading.

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