5 thoughts on “Front end tease!

  1. What did you do to get the alignment right. The photos that I saw before the alignment was way off. It looks like it’s much better. Did you replace the nose piece?

  2. Hey JD,
    yeah it was quite off originally. We had to cut the bonnet in half, straight down the middle then shave some of the cut sides and reglue it together in order for it to fit nicely. Bit of a pain but not an uncommon thing to do with these kits. They never fit out of the box so to speak.

  3. Hi looking great!!
    Does anybody know (and i have seen it on this site somewhere) where you can buy the DVD to build your own?
    We restore/paint TVR’s here in the uk and I would love to do one of these!
    thanks Ryan

  4. Thanks For that Cameron!!!
    I have bought the DVD and the list which I must say, covers everything, and is a credit to him!
    can I ask another question guys? where is the best place to buy the body kit from as there is quite a few on the market, and how much?
    Thanks Ryan

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