Gas cap installed, functional side vents and a whole lot more!

29july1.JPG 29july2.JPG 29july3.JPG 29july4.JPG29july5.JPG 29july6.JPG Stay tuned more info coming soon. I’m looking into a Tremec TKO500 transmission this week, so I could have some good news very soon. ]]>

13 thoughts on “Gas cap installed, functional side vents and a whole lot more!

  1. Cam, have you completed the right hand drive ?
    All looking great dig the gas cap, I agree that looks heaps slicker then sticking out.
    Post as many photo’s as you can.
    moving along nicely,

  2. is the fuel filler pipe the final product? as i have seen a few that are more shaped into the fender and a lower profile turning down into the tank which allows for more truck space

  3. Hey Justin,
    Sorry for the late reply.
    The RHD conversion hasn’t been done yet as my friends car is still taking a bit of time to be converted (his had a botch conversion a few years back that needs re-doing properly) So i think my conversion may be a few months. Especially since she’ll be at the body shop for a little while longer getting the kit fitted and various other things done.
    Thanks for the comments 🙂 I’ll try take some more photos but it’s difficult getting them seeing as I’m 9hrs away from the car at the moment. But as things come together there will be loads of more photos coming, videos as well.. and finally when she comes home then there will be lots of things posted 🙂
    Thanks for following the project.

  4. Hey Gerard,
    Thanks for the comment mate.
    OK, as for the filler pipe. This will be pretty much how the final product will look.
    There are several problems with this pipe:
    One: it is very difficult to bend the pipe at shape angles.
    Two: we have designed the pipe to allow for the best flow of fuel into the tank.
    The other pipes that we looked at had big problems with fuel not flowing correctly, even with a breather pipe installed. And with some of the low profile filler pipes, there would still be fuel left in the pipe after filling was complete.
    The Engineer was not happy about that. The way we have done this pipe has been given the thumbs up by the engineer 🙂
    Unfortunately not much trunk space will be saved by mucking around with the pipe. But at least the setup is simple and works.
    Anyway, once we get a battery, spare wheel and the 10,000 Watt sound system in there, there will not be much room for anything hehe else 🙂
    Cheers mate

  5. great shot of the functional vents. i have heard that the induction noise of the forced air coming in would be fairly load when driving over 45mph will a product like dynamat help or will the scoop opening be reduced by the use of mesh

  6. Cameron, I talk with your friend via email got in contact with him through ewr. Who did you get your car imported by, who arranged it all over there. CustomFastback gave one on ebay which look good considering the price 67’s are going for down here.
    Any help would be great. feel free to email me

  7. Hey Waldo,
    I have a friend in Victoria who restores mustangs in his spare time (what left of it he has hehe) So the car is currently with him. He has a range of people from body guys, conversion guys, paint guys and a whole heap of people who do bits and pieces for him.
    I let him do his thing, i also order all the parts, hunt down the hard to find things and just make sure they have everything so they don’t have to stop nor wait for parts. Money permitting of course 🙂
    Thanks for visiting mate.

  8. hi cam
    thanks for the reply i am building something similar with a friend
    we would like to speak to you on the phone if you whant to email
    me with your number we can work something out. we might be
    able to help you or you might be able to help us
    thanks waldo

  9. Hey Waldo,
    I’m using the RRS ‘Light weight” system, they don’t sell this anymore but i think it’s equivalent to the Phase 1. I’m not going over kill nor can i afford it.
    Cheers mate

  10. Hi people, I live i former Yugoslavia, tell me how can I get hold of this car?
    To who can I speak, what are the street prices.
    Thanks in advance.

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