Getting Ready For Right Hand Drive – A Small Update

right hand drive conversion. News just in is that the body kit has almost been removed so she can go in for her conversion. The kit was fully fitted but not glued on as it needs to be removed for easy access to the firewall for conversion. Now with it all fitting well it is removed so the final small things can be done before we go to paint. Spoke to my builder, John, yesterday and he said “we are stripping the car for the conversion guys so it is almost back to a bare shell again. I am keeping the pressure on the conversion guys, I don’t want to miss out.” It seems the conversion guys are really busy, so if we hold off we possibly may have to wait another month or two. No pictures to update you all with, nothing new to show really. The story picture is of how she looked before the kit was fitted which is somewhat what she will look like now. More to follow. ]]>

8 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Right Hand Drive – A Small Update

  1. Hi,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog. I own a ’67 Mustang convertible.I originally came across it looking for photos of the interior of a right hand drive ’67/’68 Mustang. Do you have any photos to share what your dash will look like when it’s done? All the Autrailian Mustang club photos only show the exteriors of the cars.

  2. Hi Bob, I think I may have 1 or two photos of a RHD deluxe dash, i’ll have to dig around. There not too common and hard to find as you have found out.
    Shoot me an email at and ill send them over.
    PS: wouldn’t mind seeing pics of your car 🙂

  3. All the way from the small twin isle of Trinidad & Tobago. I truely like and i’m very interested in your project, all because I am venturing to the same with a Mustang that recently bought LHD (1965). I want to restore and convert to RHD. If there is a kit out there please drop me a line and or a link.

  4. Hi Cam,
    Your project sounds very similar to mine. I am also building an eleanor and very much excited about the whole build. It looks like you purchased your kit from Stephen Jewitt in Vic. I bought a few kit parts from him including the front aluminium grill. My car has been sitting around collecting dust for awhile now, and can’t wait till it goes to the shop next week. My car had previously been converted to RHD, however im not too impressed with the workmanship, the fire-wall is still exposed with alot of holes especially where the old steering column went. Do you think we should cover the holes and smooth out the wall?

  5. Hey Andre,
    Mate i would like to see your car? have you got pics you can email me? i will post about it.
    Im not sure of the guys name i got the kit off as my builder bought it. but i think he runs a business called Prototypes Plus ? Somewhere in Victoria.
    As for your conversion i would not be able to tell you but i would suggest getting it checked out. Toby’s, who i feature on this site, had previously been done but was dodge as well so the guys doing mine had to redo it properly.
    speak soon

  6. Hi ive been following your blog for a while now and its very interesting, one day i hope to own my own 67 Mustang so i can cruise around Harlow (my home town). Of course it will be some time before i can get one. Any way thanks for the great blog

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