LED Taillight, Reverse Light and Turn Signal Kit From Mustang Project

There are small things when building an American Muscle car in Australia that if you don’t get right could cause you problems later down the track with authoritys. One such thing is your reverse and tail lights. In Australia (well NSW where I live) the law states that your reverse lights can be white but your turn signal must be amber. Now there are many in Aus who have had their cars passed as stock, some due to keeping left hand drive and others maybe by sheer luck. Either way I will be trying to adhere to every letter of the law when I go to get my old girl registered. Which brings me to this cool little product I stumbled across. Mustang Project are selling this kit, a Dual Colour 67-78 LED Taillight Kit. The kit is essential two parts. bright red LED’s for your rear brake lights which for me I don’t think I’ll use I don’t mind the original dullish red brake lights, but we’ll see. But what I’m really interested in is their combined reverse light and turn signal which they claim “having applied our unique patent pending technology to create an amber turn signal inside of your existing back-up lights. That’s right you don’t have to cut holes or add extra light fixtures to get street legal in many European countries and in Australia. So as I see it, there’s two LED lights inside your existing rear backup housing, and wired correctly you have your white reverse lights an your amber turn signal. Brilliant! Each kit comes complete with two LED ( Light Emitting Diode ) modules ( one for each side ) to fit in the back up lamp housings, 2 super bright red LED modules for your existing taillights, and an electronic flasher module. Here is Mustang Projects explanation of how it works. “Our NEW improved design works as follows: When you activate the turn signal the amber section of the back-up light flashes on/off at 1/2 second on and 1/2 second off. If the car is placed in reverse the center super bright back up LED illuminates. Red super bright LED modules give you better and brighter brake lighting.” What’s better they also have a similar setip for the front lights. I surely will be placing an order for these shortly!]]>

6 thoughts on “LED Taillight, Reverse Light and Turn Signal Kit From Mustang Project

  1. Gday Cameron, love your site looks like your almost there. Im looking at doing a similar thing in Adelaide and wondering if you have an e-mail address to ask for some advice on a few things.
    Tried the contact author link on your site but it links to a blank e-mail address?

  2. Wicked ! Something I’ll keep in mind !
    What’s happening to Toby’s car ?? Wasn’t it supposed to be done by now ?:)
    All the best 🙂

  3. Just got these nice LEDS today and tried them under power.They work well and are very bright.I needed to convert the sequential tail lights anyway for the engineer and thought these were a great idea.Thanks Cam, if it wasn’t for this site i wouldn’t have known about them.

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