Lining up the Hood and grilles – More drama!

september15th_2007_2_small.jpg Well we’ve had a lot of issues with the hood and it’s beginning to become a major headache. It seems the front nose is not square to start with and being perfectionists we’d like to get it straight on. But as you can see from the above image she’s beginning to come together! The inner driving lights are 1 inch different in the height and the nose is about 1 inch different from one side to the other. The fact is that I think even the original kit has this problem, because this kit was molded from one of the original kits, I think. But with the nose like it is, it is going to look like rubbish, I am not sure how we are going to fix this but we can do it. The grille is fitting OK but still not 100% happy with the set up but it will work once we have finished modifying the nose. The Hood hits on the grille when it is closed and the Hood does not follow the lines of the guards or the original Hood. Going to need a lot of mucking around to fix this. This image gives and idea of how out it is.

Here are the rest of the images from the update.
september15th_2007_1.jpg september15th_2007_3.jpg september15th_2007_4.jpg september15th_2007_5.jpg september15th_2007_6.jpg september15th_2007_7.jpg september15th_2007_8.jpg september15th_2007_9.jpg

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