Mike's Custom CAD Designed RHD Deluxe Dash Panel

Mikes_CAD_Deluxe_Dash Over here in Australian it’s always fun mucking around with our right hand drive dash pieces, and I’m sure some of you are aware the issues and trouble we have to go to for a deluxe dash. Well a friend of mine over here has gone to a lot of trouble and designed his own RHD dash pieces. Check it out after the jump. Here’s what Mike had to see early on with the project. “I’m doing a complete right hand dash assembly CNC machined in ABS and then plastic plated. I designed it in 3D CAD, couldn’t count how many hours I’ve put into it but it’s in the hundreds! Mainly because I restarted from scratch twice! A friend of mine who has a CNC factory in Sanya, China is going to cut it for me at the right price. I won’t be commercialising it as it would be too expensive but as a one-off it should look good.” Then this a few weeks later. “I just had the dash cut from my 3D cad design (as mentioned in a previous post), it’s yet to be chromed but he sent me pictures of it in the raw. I still need to make the aluminium inserts but that will be a piece of piss by comparison. I attached a few pictures of it in the raw machined ABS.” And finally yesterday “Finally got the dash parts today. Now just have to do the brushed inserts and black-outs. Pretty pleased with them so far!” Check out the photos below. Looks awesome! [gallery] ]]>

4 thoughts on “Mike's Custom CAD Designed RHD Deluxe Dash Panel

  1. Cam, that looks amazing! Two thumbs up for Mike; all that work sure looks the goods. Sure he wouldn’t look at making a few copies? 😛

  2. Damn, I was just thinking today about searching the net for RHD dash panel..!! I’m sure us Aussie Mustang drivers would pay whatever the cost was for one of these things, since it’s a once-off payment. Most gf’s/wives would spend more on their hair in a year..!!

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