Mustangs Plus Recreate Steve Mcqueen's Bullitt Chase Scene

A few years back the guys over at Mustangs Plus commissioned a great project to recreate a Bullitt Mustang using one of the then new Dynacorn bodies. Working with Dynacorn and The Restomod Shop they managed to finish the project to an amazing standard and produce a great recreation clip of the chase scene from the movie. Check it out after the jump With the introduction of the Dynacorn bodies enthusiasts now have access to the vintage cars that spark so many childhood memories. And with just about every original part now available the only limitation seems to be ones bank account. What makes this project really interesting is not only the amount of detail they have on their site but also that they went on to produce the below video clip. A really cool remake of the original chase scene. Yet again another great Bullitt recreation has ignited my thirst for my very own Bullitt Mustang. Check out the MustangsPlus site and also the video below.


4 thoughts on “Mustangs Plus Recreate Steve Mcqueen's Bullitt Chase Scene

  1. Awesome car. Absolutely. But I do kinda feel like they’ve missed the point in what made the original car chase so great – don’t see much of that in the recreation I must admit.
    – Kris

  2. Ey, here from Spain. I’m writting an article about Mustang and i have a doubt. The real name is Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 1967 or Mustang Shelby… without “Ford”?

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