New Morimoto Sealed7 Round Headlights

remember reading all those years ago you may remember that on this Mustang we wanted to go for a modern, updated headlight system, moving away from the vintage, low light output systems of the past. A custom Bi-Xenon setup was commissioned though due to the recent years of little progress on the car we never got to the the point of installation and now it looks like we may be starting it all over again, with a more refined system. You see, in the years since the custom setup was built a newer product has been released. The Morimoto Sealed7. A fully modular bi-xenon replacement for all industry-standard 7″ Round Headlights. Designed to replace all “universal” 7″ round headlights, the Sealed7 offers full low and high beam functionality in a housing that should mount right up to the stock mounting brackets. (For a the 1967 Mustang it looks like a little bit of cutting is required to the frame due to the length of the unit). The great thing about these units are that they are clean, purpose built units, unlike the ones we had before that had heat tape and all kinds of glue and PVC pipe. So far we’ve only seen these installed on Jeeps and if you can find them on a classic 60’s Mustang we’d love to from you. It looks like we’ll be giving these a go in the not to distant future. [Source] [gallery ids="7672,7671,7670"] ]]>

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