New Order – Eleanor Headlight Buckets and Shelby Valve Covers

1967 eleanor mustang shelby gt500 body kit headlight bucket

Well it’s slow going but finally I’ve had to feed my addiction and place an order with Mustangs Unlimited. Today I spoke with my builder and he in turn spoke with the body guy and they both confirmed that the Aeroform headlight buckets WILL fit my custom Bosch Xenon headlamps Hoorah! The headlight buckets and brackets are especially made for the Eleanor kits. They allow you to mount the headlight inside the kit which is often tricky with these kits. The buckets fit inside the brackets and then the brackets are secured from the inside so there is no movement. This means that I don’t have to send the units back to the states to be refitted into the Shelby 5 3″4 housings. So this morning I contact Chris over at Mustangs Unlimited and placed an order and me being me I couldn’t help myself so I ordered some other bits and pieces such as the Shelby Valve covers. Here’s a rundown of what I purchased: 1967 eleanor mustang shelby gt500 289 Carroll Shelby Valve cover VALVE COVERS SHELBY POWDERCOAT 65/85 289/302/351W eleanor mustang headlight buckets HEADLIGHT BRACKET ASSEMBLIES PAIR 67/68 ELEANOR Shelby 289 valve cover gasket VALVE COVER GASKET SET 289/302/351W (EDELBROCK) Shelby 289 valve cover nut set VALVE COVER MINI STUD KIT CHROME 8 CYL (FRPP)]]>

10 thoughts on “New Order – Eleanor Headlight Buckets and Shelby Valve Covers

  1. Cameron,
    I am building a 67 Mustang eleanor.
    I am having a problem with the headlights. You mentioned you were able to use the 5 and 3/4 headlights. DO you have any pictures of the completed install of your headlight install?

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Not as yet im afraid. As the car is still having the kit sorted and then going in for a conversion it means the lights and those kind of parts are still a well way off.
    I’m a bit nervous about it.. i really hope it fits.
    What problems are you having? from what i van tell it does also depend on your kit? some kits were 7″ some 5″ 3/4
    let me know mate

  3. I am currently building a 67 Eleanor. We just ordered the headlight bucket kit fron Aeroform as nothing seems to fit from Aus. The eleanor kit was made in Aus and we have had major problems with the fitment. Has anyone install the side pipes for Eleanor

  4. Hi, Im currently building a 67 Eleanor in Melbourne Vic. Does anybody what the roadworthy regulations are for the front indicators (or lack of).. Do you need to fit then in an alternate location to obtain the roadworthy. Thanks Wayne

  5. Rod, did you get the kit that’s advertised on eBay Australia..?? I’m most likely going to get that kit, too. Is the kit THAT outa whack with the ’67 body..?? Also, which lights fit the lower grille up front, or haven’t you got that far, yet..?? Thanks in advance 🙂

  6. We use these adjusters in our cars and in the UP cars we redo the bodies on. The only complain I have is that even though they made these for the Eleanor kits they made the adjusters face forward. We modifiy them to make the adjusters accessable from the rear inside the fender. Otherwise we like the quality

  7. Andrew, Kit we bought is the same as the one on ebay. Piaa light kit from aeroform did not fit that easy. Lights are to small for the holes both top and bottom. We ended up moulding the hole front together making it a walk off front with the front guards. It was the only way to get it all square. Not much fun for my panel beater.

  8. Guys what size lights do you use for the Prototypes Plus body kit from ebay. Im working on my build, and im stuck at what buckets and lights to even use…. help please!!
    Aeroform kit is too big, its 7″! Or have you guys somehow addapted it? or have you modified the bodykit to accept 7″ lights??
    Please post here or

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