RRS Now Offering Complete Custom RHD 'Eleanor'?

I often check the RRS site for new products and modern innovations for the vintage Mustang and this week they’ve updated their site with a brand new package for those after a right hand drive (RHD) Mustang. Previously RRS has only offered things suck as suspension parts, brakes and modern upgrades to improve the handling of vintage cars but more recently they have begun selling complete cars or chassis such as the Dynacorn bodies and in fact are the Australian distributor for right hand drive Dynacorn shells, however the new package adds more to their simple chassis offerings by adding a full body kit that by the looks of the picture on their site can only be described as ‘Eleanor’ inspired Starting at $AUD44,000, or approx $USD40k, what you get is a factory right hand drive officially licensed Dynacorn body shell with a full ‘Eleanor’ body kit. Though I know there are a few places in Australia that sell Eleanor body kits you find they are usually individuals. I would be interested in knowing if there are any legal worries RRS might run into selling almost complete cars with Eleanor kits? Are RRS moving towards what Classic Recreations are doing in the states? If so I’m all for it! If done correctly and legally that is. So what else do you get? Well here is a straight copy/paste from the site: At a Glance – Full hanging panels including: doors, guards, boot & bonnet – Superior alignment, panel accuracy and body dimensionality – Wider engine bay will accommodate Australian Ford quad-cam V8 – Enlarged tunnel to house late-model six-speed manual and automatic transmissions – Notched shock towers for greater header clearance – Low volume manufacture – ADR approval with availability of full registration in Australia – Ford-licensed body – Factory-installed RHD firewall, dash not modified from LHD component – Factory-engineered RHD bezel and dash fittings – Reinforced chassis and turret bracing for increased structural rigidity and collision protection – All internal panels feature corrosion protection – Correct RHD wiper arm location – 100% new, no remanufactured or reconditioned parts Plus Packages Available – prices TBA – FPV – 5 litre engine gearbox package 6 speed manual OR 6 speed Auto Tiptronic – RRS full suspension, steering & brake package – RRS Full panel and parts package – RRS integrated Air Condition package – RRS Exhaust package – RRS electrical fit out and wiring package – RRS Filler tank system and plumbing package – RRS Deluxe interior package – Eleanor Body Kit Early last week I sort comment from RRS regarding their RHD offerings including the thing I am really interested in, the brushed aluminium RHD dash, but as yet I’m yet to receive a reply. Stay tuned for more information on this new package!]]>

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  1. I too am very interested in the RHD brushed-alum dash.
    However, the progress on my Mustang has slowed right down since meeting a lovely young girl… I’m investing my time and money into her for a while. lol

  2. Just to clarify the RHD dash is not brushed Aluminium its actually stainless steel, which is far superior as i,ve already got one.I actually bought this complete kit and that is my car on there advert. I can attest to the quality of the finish as i,ve seen others and know this stuff is the bomb. Anybody that is interested i can send them pictures of these shells and dash.

  3. Hi guys, i just posted a new video on you tube. Eleanor RHD. Let me know what you think. I will post another one by the end of next week as i,m having some good stuff done this coming week.

  4. I ordered these right hand drive brushed/alum dash kit last november and still waiting for them.And they told me they were in stock.I have received the gauge side but haven’t got the rest of it, as of yet.So dont hold your breath

  5. Rod,they are so full of shit.They told me they were in stock when i ordered them.Every week i ring them and its the same story.Apparently they have orders for 50 kits.

  6. So this on RRS’ website a while back too Cam! Very interesting move indeed, and wouldn’t mind knowing if they have made an eleanor kit mold themselves or getting it elsewhere to fit it themselves.
    Don’t have a spare $100k to drop on building an Eleanor yet; gold lotto, here I come!
    I’m just hoping RRS don’t turn out like the whole MLC furiore!

  7. Yes well i too am still waiting!!!
    Ordered mine in October 09 and still nothing, Was tild 4 weeks origionally! Now was told was on way start June 10 be 2 weeks and now mid July and still nothing, i sure hope its worth the wait!!

  8. Finally got mine and installed.After numerous phone calls they got sick of me and delivered the goods.They look great.Only problem is the gauge bezel is a 68 and needed hours of modifing to make the gauges fit.The problem is the back of the bezel should have been left as orginal left hand bezel not right hand.None of the screw holes line up.Stainless looks good,but all my other delux inserts are alum.Not sure what to do with it.Would post photos if i could

  9. Adrian, I,m happy to hear you got your dash fascia. I,ve got a similar issue with my door inserts but i,m having them done in stainless to match. The stainless looks a heap better than the brushed aluminium. I hope your winning with your car and look forward to seeing pics of it.

  10. Michael, just looked at your latest youtube vid. looking good mate. just wondering if you will be able to register it as a 67 mustang or if it will be registered as a 2010 car as you have used the dynacorn body shell?
    if it has to be 2010 it would effect what you can and cant do with the car right? i have just put down a massive deposit on bringing in a 67 shell and all brand new parts from the states. it would obviously be a lot cheaper to go with the dynacorn but only if its not going to pose a regisration problem, cheers. Richie.

  11. Hi Micheal,i agree the stainless does look heaps better.Its good to have them after waiting so long for them. Who are you getting to make your door inserts in stainless?.I also have a center console and overhead console that i would like to change to stainless also.How is your build coming along?

  12. Adrian, Mathew from RRS is organising the stainless, I,ve only got the centre console not the overhead.As a builder i have a roofing place in sydney that cuts and bends stainless to my specs but they need templates. My car is coming along but when you build a car from scratch there are so many obsticles, I ve got a late motor in a 67 shell so nothing is a straight fit. In relation to your frustation with RRS they really try but sometimes over commit themselves and when things don,t work out we the consumer are left empty handed and waiting.They are good guys but rely on foreign suppliers too much.
    Richie, hope you have a big cheque book, This is a great way to build a classic but it costs. The guys from Robert st Restorations have put everything in place to get me registration, on your own its vertually impossible unless you do what everyone else seems to be doing and that is get numbers from an old car, This is illegal and everybody around the world and here is slowly getting caught. Do your homework before commiting yourself or just give Robert st a call for some info 02 98102232. Good luck and keep us posted

  13. Fair enough Micheal.We have a couple of things in common im a builder also .I might try a stainless place here in Melbourne.I know they mean well RRs,but they should be more honest and not told me they were in stock but i had to wait 8 months to get them.
    I know a builder here that is building a 67 mustang for Kotchie and has fitted a gen3 engine in it.There was a lot of issues to make it work in the mustang,so i can understand what the issues you have.

  14. Michael, Yer I realise there is a lot of cost in going with the 67 shell and builing everything new and thanks for your contact. I have a finished price from my builder which is huge but I am really happy with what i am getting and his quality of finish. I am replacing all panels with new, Puting in a brand new 427 SVO with 600HP, RRS suspension and brakes, inside and out will be the best of everything. Going with the brushed signed carroll shelby aluminium dash and door trims. It will be a car i keep for ever so i want to do it right. I will eventually post photos when we start to make some progress. I’ll keep watching for updates on yours in the meantime. Good luck with everything. Richie

  15. Hi Michael, just wondered if you have the RRS aicon they mention in the package? If so what is it like, i am waiting on info on it- ment to be avail next month so fingers crossed. I finnaly got my dash bits after 9 months and they are great with a few tweeks here and there and yes the stainless does look better, have some other stuff in brushed aluminium ie door inserts etc and am too thinking of getting them cut out in stainless to match better.

  16. Simone, i havn,t installed it yet but the coupe the boys are building with mine has had it done. The coupe has been the R&D car. Looks awsome with a vent to the rear window which acts as a demister. A really cool system which the boys will incorporate climate control, i will post pictures of this in the next couple of weeks.

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