RRS Right Hand Drive Deluxe Dash Bezel Now In Stock – Prices Listed

Back in May I posted about RRS and their RHD offerings including their RHD deluxe interior package which at the time hadn’t been seen nor priced. Now their site has been updated with prices ($AUD) and pictures. For those converting their cars from left hand drive to right hand drive the kit costs $AUD5,100 but this is only for the panels needed to convert. It does not include you interior dash package, these are extra, priced at $AUD930 for the camera black finish and $AUD1,300 for the deluxe ‘alloy’ finish. Now I haven’t used any of these RRD right hand drive dash parts but with the time it’s taking me to finish mine we are now considering these as they may save us some time. I think the good thing here though is this is the first mass=produced right hand drive deluxe bezel. Previously owners of RHD cars where either doing them themselves or having restorers do it their own way. Hopefully these look just like the factory on mirrored.


17 thoughts on “RRS Right Hand Drive Deluxe Dash Bezel Now In Stock – Prices Listed

  1. Got mine installed.They do look great.I was told they were in stock to,but had to wait almost 8 months to get them. Stainless steel looks so much better

  2. The pics show the RHD instrument cluster mirrored. Doesn’t this mean that the metal housing (backing) of the cluster would have to be extensivley modified (cut and shut)if the wiper and two large instruments are reversed? Or is this just a photochop version?

  3. They have mirrored the front and the back of the cluster.That is the problem .They should have left the back of the cluster alone,just like the left hand version.We had to spend hours modifing the back of the cluster to make the gauges fit.None of the holes line up and we had to move the brackets.

  4. Adrain – agreed, can’t imagine why they’ve done this as it’s creating an extensive amount of work for no reason. Did you see any advantages with the mirrored back housing in your conversion?

  5. I dont know why they designed it like that,there is no advantage. It cost me extra money in labour to make the gauges fit.They only make the gauges for left hand drive clusters so there is no reason to alter the back of the cluster at all.

  6. Adrian and MikeB, the dashes have been designed for a 68, i,ve spoken to them about this and rrs said that the 67 and 68 is slightly different and that a 68 will fit a 67 with minor adjustments but not the other way round. I think they were designed for the RHD dynacorn shells as mine fit with no mods. Adrian i,m looking forward to seeing your car, hope you will bring it to summernats this year, I should have mine completed by then.

  7. Michael, you are quite correct, however are missing the point. The 67 and 68 dashes are a little different, I have quite a number kicking around and have owned my fair share of both these models in the last 20 years. It’s not the fitment of the RHD bezel that Adrian and I were discussing but the metal backing that fits to the rear which houses the instruments. In the pics they clearly show that the instruments have been reversed (mirrored) which is not necessary as only the bezel needs to be mirrored. Adrian found this our first hand when he had to make extensive modification to his existing housing. If RRS are releasing a complete mirrored rear housing then it can be justified, if not, it’s just creating a heap of work for the end user for no feasible reason.

  8. Hi king im replying in reguards to the RHD dash bezels u have or might still have if u do still have 4sale could u send me an email with details, thank you

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