Should I Purchase a MSD-6AL Ignition Control For My Project?

MSD-6AL ignition control. Do I need it and what benefits will it provide my engine? I’d really like to hear your comments and suggestions. Are you running one? Is it essential? And more importantly do I need one? Currently my engine is untouched since I purchased it. It was professionally rebuilt from the bottom up with new parts and was balanced. It’s the factory 289CID and has Try-Y nickel plated headers, Edelbrock 289 performer intake manifold with ARP bolts, Holly 650 CFM carburettor and MSD heli-core Coil & Wires. MSD say the 6AL is perfect for a 289, so it can’t be overkill? To my understanding (and I’m not great with engines) is the 6AL is responsible for controling the ignition by limiting (or letting you set) the revs and it also ensures you’re getting a full spark every time. I could be wrong but it looks like the product helps maintain your engine and keep it running smoothly? I’ve noticed they also now have digital ones. You can plug in your laptop to tune it? Sounds cool, but I think for an old vehicle I might like to keep older technology. But that is yet to be decided. So as I said before, who has one installed? Did you notice a difference from when you didn’t have one? And what are your recommendations for me in my situation? I’d be very keen to hear all your comments and suggestions. ]]>

4 thoughts on “Should I Purchase a MSD-6AL Ignition Control For My Project?

  1. I would probably go the AL-2 for an extra $100 or so. Rel limits in 2 stages, higher voltage and output. Looking at something like this for mine.

  2. I used one on a 68 fastback that I had way back in the day (about 20 years ago). I stuffed a 351 Cleveland into the car and was able to use a distributor without points which was a big plus.

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