1968 Mustang from Bullitt Found in Mexican Junkyard – Confirmed Original

With only a year to go before the 50th year anniversary of the movie Bullitt, it’s very fitting that the long lost 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback has been found. In a Mexican junkyard of all places!

Two cars were used during shooting of the film. While one was purchased by a crew member, the other – which is said to have been damaged extensively – has been ‘lost’ ever since. Steve McQueen searched for it until his eventual death but it was thought scrapped long ago.

It was only discovered when enthusiast Hugo Sanchez and his friend Ralph Garcia Jr were looking for a car to convert into an Eleanor resto-mod. After running the VIN they were shocked to see to find out it was the potential lost car. The VIN didn’t appear to be a fake, and some of the original modifications made to the car for the film were still in place, although the vehicle’s rear axle had been replaced at some point with one from a different model.

To ensure this was credible Kevin Marti himself travelled to inspect the car and confirmed it is the real deal. The full video can be seen here:

Sanchez and Garcia Jr are now determined to restore the car themselves to its former glory. Who knows where the car will end up but I’ll hazard a guess and say you’ll see it pop up on an auction block some day.

The All Electric 68′ Ford Mustang Zombie 222.


We recently came across this story and were quite simply blown away. It’s about a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback that has been converted to be entirely electric. Now, we know what you’re thinking. “It’s a muscle car, how could they?” But after you watch the below video we think you’ll have a change of heart.

The Zombie 222 is in-fact a record breaker for an electric car with a top speed of a mile of 174.2mph and 0-60 in just 2.4 seconds. That is supercar territory. Just let that sink in for a minute. An all-electric car!

We’ll let this video speak for itself but we highly recommend you read the full article over at The Verge. Enjoy.

[VIDEO] Driving Mount Panorama In a 1968 Mustang Ahead Of The Bathurst 1000

If you’re from Australia or have played Forza 5 on the Xbox you will know about Mount Panorama in Bathurst. For those who don’t this famous piece of public road has played host to some of the most amazing races over the years and another is about to happen over October 10-13.

Ahead next weekends famous 1000km Bathurst event Australian V8 Supercar driver Mark Winterbottom took to the mountain in a very nice 68′ Mustang to explain the history of the great track and what it means to him.