Autoblog Take Classic Recreations Eleanor For A Workout


Every week I read car reviews about the latest Porsche or Lamborghini that’s hit the street, but I always love it when I come across in depth reviews of our very own Eleanor and finding a good review of a 1967 Mustang is very hard to find. But today is a good day because the guys over at Autoblog were handed the keys to a Classic Recreations Eleanor and have put together a great review. [Read more…]

[VIDEO] The Making of Bullitt – An Awesome Behind The Scenes Look


The guys over at Autoblog have posted up a fantastic and some would say rare behind-the-scenes video from the movie Bullitt. The movie is best known for one of the best car chase scenes in movie history. Check out the full 10-minute “making of” documentary after the jump. Oh and I’ve included the original chase scene for good measure. [Read more…]