[PARTS UPDATE] – Gauges, MSD Ignition and Custom Covers

Having a restoration project that spans almost a decade is not always as bad or frustrating as you would think. There is a positive to take from it which isn’t always obvious. As time passes the parts and products available to restorers improve and get upgraded. That is just the case for the following parts that are now available or have been improved. I thought I’d post these here for all Mustang restorers as they are not always easy to find. [Read more…]

Finding The Elusive Carroll Shelby Signature Gauges


It may sound like an absurd thing to say but I believe there was actuall a few good things to come from the company that was Unique Performance, mainly helping to commercialise the whole idea of Eleanor builds and also bringing a few new products to the market including Carrol Shelby Signature seats, Shelby Shifters, Pedals and of course the now very rare Carroll Shelby signature gauges. [Read more…]