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Alcatraz TV Series Re-Creates Bullitt Chase Scene With 2013 Mustang

If you’ve been watching JJ Abrams’ Alcatraz TV series on FOX you most probably have noticed the Bullitt Mustang appearing […]

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Mustangs Plus Recreate Steve Mcqueen’s Bullitt Chase Scene

A few years back the guys over at Mustangs Plus commissioned a great project to recreate a Bullitt Mustang using one of the then new Dynacorn bodies.

Gateway Classic Mustang Revs Up Production Of Limited Edition Steve McQueen Mustang

News out this week that Chad McQueen of the Steve McQueen estate and Gateway Classic Mustangs are teaming up to produce a handful of Limited Edition 1968 Steve

[VIDEO] Greatest Car chase Of All Time – Now in 1/32 Scale

We've all seen the famous chase scene from Bullitt but have you seen it re-enacted in 1/32 scale? I bet not. Well now one devoted UK slot-car fan

VIDEO: Hot Rod TV Feature Bullitt & Eleanor Mustang Hollywood Muscle

A few weeks ago I posted a video on Unique Performance by Hot Rod TV. Obviously an old video from the time when Unique were at the top