[eBay] Special 1966 Shelby GT350 for Sale

This magnificent example of an original Shelby with a documented and special history is a rare sight these days. This 1966 Shelby GT350 once owned by car enthusiast George Hodges who sadly passed away from lymphoma cancer on Dec. 8th 1993.

The car managed to win the new survivor class at the 1993 SAAC national convention where Carroll Shelby himself was on hand to congratulate George. The car only has 53,700 miles on it and seems to have all original parts.

The seller claims the car has been well looked after and even

For the last 20ish years the car has been kept in a barn [a nice one] in S. Carolina. She was taken out for the typical Sunday drive and has always been maintained in turn key fashion.

Head on over to eBay to check out the full write up but make sure your pockets are deep as this example is priced at a nice $250,000.

More of Richard’s 815hp 1967 Shelby Super Snake

Why am I posting yet again about Richard’s 815hp 1967 Shelby Super Snake? Well because it is honestly the best Eleanor example I have ever seen and it appears the readers of this site also think so with the original post I made topping the most viewed posts ever on this site.

So I thought I would revisit this wonderful example of a vehicle and post the other video Richard put on Youtube. You’ve all seen the original dyno video but I don’t think I ever posted this one. With over one million hits on Youtube it’s something I couldn’t not post! [Read more…]

Classic Recreations GT500CR Imminent – Countdown Added!

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For a while now we’ve all been hearing about the Shelby authorised GT500CR soon to be released by custom coachbuilders Classic Recreations. We’ve poured over the concept impressions, the specs and pricing but we haven’t heard anything about when these cars will be released or at least begin production but now we do. [Read more…]

Richard’s 815hp 1967 Shelby Super Snake Eleanor Mustang

Richard’s build has been one that myself and a lot of other ‘Eleanor’ enthusiasts and builders have looked up to. If one was to build an Eleanor Super Snake clone with no regard for cost than this would be it!

Richard has gone about building the ultimate tribute to the one and only Super Snake that Carroll Shelby built, which I featured a few weeks back.

The car is fortunate enough to have the last Shelby Aluminum 427FE engine [Read more…]