[VIDEO] Jason Engel of Classic Recreations Talks RHD Shelby Convertibles

This year at the SEMA show in Las Vegas Classic Recreations showcased their first right hand drive convertible Shelby GT500CR

The car, built for a customer in Singapore, was finished with all new machined parts supplied by Dynacorn specifically for a right hand drive version.

In this newly released video Classic Recreations owner, Jason Engel, takes us through the build process and his thoughts behind their very first right hand drive convertible Shelby.

Will Ford Unveil New Licensed Repro 1965–1966 Mustang Bodies SEMA 2011?

The 1967-1970 Ford Dynacorn bodies have been around now for a few years. They’ve done well in making restorations available and affordable for many more people. But news this week points to the possibility of even more bodies to add to that list. That’s right, Ford look set to release officially licensed 1965 and 1966 Mustang Bodies. [Read more…]

RRS Now Offering Complete Custom RHD ‘Eleanor’?

I often check the RRS site for new products and modern innovations for the vintage Mustang and this week they’ve updated their site with a brand new package for those after a right hand drive (RHD) Mustang. Previously RRS has only offered things suck as suspension parts, brakes and modern upgrades to improve the handling of vintage cars but more recently they have begun selling complete cars or chassis such as the Dynacorn bodies and in fact are the Australian distributor for right hand drive Dynacorn shells, however the new package adds more to their simple chassis offerings by adding a full body kit that by the looks of the picture on their site can only be described as ‘Eleanor’ inspired [Read more…]