[Ebay Find] – All Original 1968 Shelby GT-500 Survivor


Keeping with the recent theme of barn find and long lost Mustang here’s a fine example of a ‘survivor’ Shelby GT500 that has been tucked away from the elements for quite a few decades.

The owner ofr the Ebay listing claims the car is an “Original and un-restored low mileage Shelby that runs and drives excellent.” The car even retains it’s original owner’s manual and build sheet still taped to wiring harness behind instrument cluster.

Although it is claimed the car is “100% original interior. Never painted with original drivetrain.” One has to be skeptical these days and we’d always recommend you take an expert with you if you were ever in a buying situation.

Check out the listing here.

[eBay Find] Two Owner 1968 Shelby GT500KR

It’s always amazing to see a vintage Shelby up for auction and even better when it has only had one or two owners. This is one of those cases. Though before you start reaching for the checkbook be sure to check the fine print.

This 1968 Shelby GT500KR unfortunately has had some damage in past that looks to have been fixed and sprayed over. Though what’s more sigh worthy is that the original Ford Cobrajet 428 engine has been replaced and is “long gone” It’s a shame really. We really want to love this car.

The seller is asking for $90k and while we could see that could be fair for an original example with matching engine we just cannot see this one going for that kind of money. Prices for 1968 GT500KR’s appear to have fallen off a cliff around 2009. In 2001 a 9000 mile unrestored survivor that was displayed at SEMA sold for $250k (with buyer’s premium). While a GT500KR in a similar condition to this example (Condition4) averages now at $84,500 according to Hagerty Valuations.

1968 Shelby GT500 KR value change over time.

1968 Shelby GT500 KR value change over time.

While on the GT500KR subject take a moment to relive this vintage road test video from 1968.

eBay Auction Description

Up for auction, this Awesome, Vintage! 1968 Shelby GT 500 KR mustang has been in long term storage for a number of years. Purchased by the original owner Alfred Jones who was an airline pilot in Miami Florida in 1969. Now owned by the second owner who has had the car since 1983. This KR has had one repaint along with some slight front end damage that was repaired many years ago. The repaint is old and is in ok condition. There are some occasional ships and scratches but nothing catastrophic. The numbers matching motor is long gone and it is unknown at this time about the transmission. It is a complete running car but will need motor work as the compression is low in # 7&8 cylinders and they do not fire.

The undercarriage is in original condition with factory undercoat. There is some slight surface rust and slight damage to the frame rails, floor pans and underside of this car, but nothing catastrophic. The front suspension/ brakes are of OEM equipment and old. More recently a new fuel tank and carburetor rebuild were done to get the car up and running. This is when we determined the missing cylinders and that the engine was not running properly and that the transmission was having trouble going int second geer. At the time that the car has been running all of the gauges, headlights, wipers and yes even the swing away steering wheel still works!

This is a great Shelby platform to rebuild the body is super clean, no signs of heavy collision or body rust and comes with a lot of new parts. Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, air cleaner snorkel, oil filter, belts/ hoses, brake booster, battery cables/ bat tray/ tie down, weather striping, kick panels, visor chrome, tail light covers, jack/ handle, heater core, rocker chrome, rear valance, lower control arms, fan shroud and so much more, just ask me. I have the Marti report/ documentation and more pictures upon request. There is no guarantee or warranty on this vintage Shelby so please call and ask as many questions as you like. Best regards, Rich 303-931-5412. I deal with a shipping broker and can get you a wholesale price!


eBay Find: Rare Sapphire Blue 1966 Shelby GT350 Hertz edition

Little known to all but the hardcore Mustang enthusiast is that the 1966 Shelby GT350 Hertz models came in not one colour but four. The Raven Black we all know and recognise, Wimbledon White, Candy Apple Red, Sapphire Blue and Ivy Green. Only a handful of these color combinations were produced and as such rarely come up for sale or are even seen though this week a nice Sapphire Blue example has appeared for sale on eBay.

In all, only 1,001 of these fastbacks were built for Hertz in 1966. The make-up consisted of 999 units of the following colors: A majority in Raven Black with Gold (Bronze Powder) side and Le Mans racing stripes, 50 Candy Apple Red with side stripes, 50 Wimbledon White with side stripes (as well as several models with both side and Le Mans stripes), 50 Sapphire Blue models with side stripes, and 50 Ivy Green with side stripes.

Not much else is mentioned about the car other than the seller has the original California plates that were on the Hertz rental car and also the Hertz service records for thecar.

Head on over to eBay to check out the auction.

[eBay] Barn Find Lot of 49 Mustangs Up for Sale

Who remembers this haul of Mustangs that were for sale quite a few years back? It’s an article that generated quite a lot of interest from all over the globe. Even our inbox was full of people asking us how to get in touch with the seller. Now though, it seems we have an even bigger collection of rusting Mustangs for sale. 49 of them to be exact located in Detroit Lakes, MN.

The ad on eBay only has 3 days left to run and currently has no bids. The catch? You have to buy all of them as a package. The cars range in years from 1965 up to 1973 and while quite a lot of them look a little worse for wear there does look like a lot of good projects in here.

The seller also mentions a tonne of parts available with the deal. At the current price of $49k it seems someone may get a bargain. We’ll be watching this one closely.

We’re going to need a bigger garage!


1. 1965 Gold Coupe 5F07T391109 6-cyl motor / no A/T / no title

2. 1965 Green Fastback 5F09A632156 no motor / no trans / no title

3. 1965 Blue Coupe 5F07C727262 V8 motor / 3-speed / no title

4. 1965 Blue Coupe no VIN / 6-cyl motor / no A/T / no title

5. 1965 Red Coupe 5F07T644328 6-cyl motor / A/T / no title

6. 1965 Black Coupe 5F07C273019 V8 motor / A/T / clear title

7. 1965 Blue Coupe (Pony int.) 5F07T288520 6-cyl motor / 3-speed / no title

8. 1965 Blue Coupe 5F07C398547 no motor / no manual trans / no title

9. 1966 Blue Fastback 6R09C220871 / no motor / no trans / no title

10. 1966 Red Coupe 6F07T385675 6-cyl motor / A/T / clear title

11. 1966 Red GT Coupe 6F07A255456 no motor / no trans / clear title

12. 1966 White Coupe 5F07T361503 6-cyl motor / A/T / no title

13. 1966 Red Coupe no VIN / V8 motor / 3-speed / no title

14. 1966 Blue Coupe 6F07T372706 6-cyl motor / 3-speed / no title

15. 1966 Blue coupe body / no VIN / no motor / no trans / no title

16. 1967 Blue Coupe 7F01T126758 6-cyl motor / A/T / clear title

17. 1967 Yellow Coupe 7F01T223117 6-cyl motor / A/T / clear title

18. 1967 Red Coupe 7F01C175777 no motor / no A/T / no title

19. 1967 Red Coupe 7F01C102728 V8 motor / 3-speed / clear title

20. 1967 Blue Coupe 7F01T106138 6-cyl motor / A/T / no title

21. 1967 Blue Coupe 7F01T104116 no motor / A/T / no title

22. 1968 Red Coupe 8F01C136806 6-cyl motor / 3-speed / no title

23. 1968 Red Coupe 8F01T107110 6-cyl motor / 3-speed / no title

24. 1968 Blue Coupe 8F01C201200 nomotor / no A/T / no title

25. 1968 Red Coupe 8F01C218315 no motor / no trans / clear title

26. 1968 Green Coupe 8F01C102945 no motor / no trans / clear title

27. 1968 Red Coupe 8F01C125047 no motor / no A/T / clear title

28. 1968 Blue Coupe (California Special) No VIN / V8 motor / A/T / no title

29. 1968 Blue Coupe 8F01C117437 no motor / 3-speed / clear title

30. 1968 Red Coupe 8F01C156400 V8 motor / A/T / clear title

31. 1968 Blue Coupe 8F01C203992 V8 motor / A/T / no title

32. 1968 Green Coupe 8F01C131359 V8 motor / 3-speed / clear title

33. 1968 Blue Coupe 8F01C122783 V8 motor / A/T / clear title

34. 1968 Red Cougar 8F91F557536 V8 motor / A/T / no title

35. 1969 Blue Coupe 9F01F142174 V8 motor / A/T / no title

36. 1969 White Coupe 9F01L215622 6-cyl motor / A/T / no title

37. 1969 Blue Coupe 9F01F155446 no motor / no A/T/ no title

38. 1969 Green Coupe 9F01F202110 V8 motor / 3-speed / no title

39. 1969 Blue Coupe 9F01F213562 no motor / no trans / no title

40. 1969 Blue Coupe 9F01L165221 6-cyl motor / A/T / no title

41. 1970 Orange Coupe 0F01L105367 No motor / no trans / clear title

42. 1970 Red Fastback (Mach 1) 0F05M105238 V8 motor / no trans / clear title

43. 1970 Yellow Coupe 0F01F116756 V8 motor / A/T / clear title

44. 1970 Red Coupe 0F01F156213 V8 motor / A/T / no title

45. 1970 Gold Coupe (Grande) 0F04F161036 no motor / A/T / no title

46. 1970 Blue Coupe 0F01L107219 6-cyl motor / A/T / clear title

47. 1970 White Coupe 0F01F125610 no motor / 3-speed / no title

48. 1972 Blue Coupe 9Grande) 2F04H196639 No motor / No A/T / clear title

49. 1973 Green Coupe 3F04H162599 V8 motor / A/T / no title

[eBay] Special 1966 Shelby GT350 for Sale

This magnificent example of an original Shelby with a documented and special history is a rare sight these days. This 1966 Shelby GT350 once owned by car enthusiast George Hodges who sadly passed away from lymphoma cancer on Dec. 8th 1993.

The car managed to win the new survivor class at the 1993 SAAC national convention where Carroll Shelby himself was on hand to congratulate George. The car only has 53,700 miles on it and seems to have all original parts.

The seller claims the car has been well looked after and even

For the last 20ish years the car has been kept in a barn [a nice one] in S. Carolina. She was taken out for the typical Sunday drive and has always been maintained in turn key fashion.

Head on over to eBay to check out the full write up but make sure your pockets are deep as this example is priced at a nice $250,000.

[eBay Find] 1970 Mustang Boss 302 Barn Racer

This great 1970 Mustang Boss 302 currently on eBay was purchased new in 1970. It was originally Lime Green Metallic with Ivy Green interior. Early on it was converted into a racing vehicle and was competitively raced and until 1976. From there it was sold off and stored in a barn for 15 years.

This is a former race car that was road raced and drag raced in the 70s. It does not have any affiliation with Holman & Moody. Documentation did exist at one time but I did not get any when I bought the car. The original parts that were removed from this car are also gone; sold off years ago before anyone knew future parts values. What is included (but not shown and from a 69 fastback) is a complete IP, wiring harness, front bucket seats, and rear seats and trim to be able to return the car back to stock and make it streetable.

It’s quite a unique find and is currently up for auction on eBay. At the time of writing it was without bids still at the $30,000 starting price.


[eBay Find] – Gone In Sixty Seconds – Eleanor Vanity Plates

Being an Eleanor owner/builder I understand how important it is to feel that your Eleanor looks the part. For me, being a bit of a perfectionist, I will try my hardest to have my car look as close the the movie car as possible. These vanity plates available now are a no-brainer then. Perfect for the enthusiast out for a photo shoot or just to sit and admire in the garage. [Read more…]